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Many businesses use Google Voice, Google’s VoIP offering, as an easy, cheap platform. It’s nice for starter companies, growing companies, and companies that need a new number for free. Although Google Voice is a good alternative for companies who want no frills, it lacks where CallHarbor doesn’t. Google Voice lacks advanced features, integrations, reporting/analytics, and support. For a business with the need to grow, the need for support, and wanting to gain insight into their system, you need an alternative.

CallHarbor always wants you to make the most educated buying decision for your business’ VoIP needs. That’s why we always give our potential customers comprehensive demos, and ask plenty of questions to make sure we are a good fit. In this blog article, we’ll take a look at Google Voice as a product, and show you how CallHarbor could be your perfect alternative.

What Is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a VoIP phone solution offered by Google. It allows users to place and receive phone calls over their internet connection. It also includes texting for customers to utilize on their mobile app or on the computer. Think of it as the basics when it comes to a VoIP provider. As long as you have an internet connection, you can make local and international calls. You can only utilize desktop computers, laptops, and cell phones for this solution.

Pros of Google Voice

Google Voice offers its business phone service at a fairly inexpensive price. At three different pricing tiers, Google Voice offers different levels of functionality for different types of users.

  • Starter: $10 per month, per user
  • Standard: $20 per month, per user
  • Premier: $30 per month, per user

The Starter plan has a limit of 10 users + domestic locations and give you access to:

  • Free calling to U.S. from any country
  • Free calling to Canada from U.S.
  • Unlimited SMS in the U.S.
  • Google Fi compatibility
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Google Meet Integration
  • Mobile app on Android & iOS
  • Web Application
  • Support
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Usage and activity reporting
  • Call forwarding

The Standard version has no user limit and includes the following additional features:

  • Multi-level auto attendant
  • Ring Groups
  • Desk phone support
  • eDiscovery for calls, voicemail, and SMS records

The Premier version also has no user limit, but also offers unlimited international location call access (based on a list of approved locations).

Cons of Google Voice

Google Voice used to offer a free version of its VoIP service, but it no longer does. The cheapest monthly option for Google Voice is the Starter pricing package at $10 per month. This is an affordable price, of course, but eliminates a big allure that Voice held over competition.

Google Voice seems like a good option for new businesses, given its basic functionalities to get by with. For anything other than truly basic calling, businesses have been finding that Google Voice is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With extremely comparable prices, it’s much more lucrative for companies to go with a provider such as CallHarbor. For only a few more bucks a month, you get better support, better choices, better uptime, and better flexibility.

Google Voice is much more limited when it comes to features and functionality. One user noted on G2:

“If it’s all you can afford, I think it is a good option. However, I’ve recently seen many other apps that do the same thing in a better way that I may consider changing soon.”


Why CallHarbor Is a Top Google Voice Alternative

CallHarbor gives you business a full unified communication suite for an unbeatable price. Our VoIP business solutions can be accessed from anywhere, utilizing a desk phone, mobile app, or web softphone. Our UC suite keeps you connected to customers with video conferencing, business SMS, and voice conferencing options.

Why small + medium-sized businesses choose CallHarbor

CallHarbor has the right offerings and capabilities for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses are extra attracted to our enterprise level features at an affordable price. Some businesses even save money instantly when switching over to CallHarbor. Here are some of our great features & offerings that set us apart from the competition:

CallHarbor’s business phone system can be used on your VoIP desk phone. It can also be used on all Android and iOS devices, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. It’s truly a flexible option for businesses of all sizes.

No downtime – only keeping connected

Uptime is everything. When looking for a modern cloud communications platform, you need to know they’ll have your back. CallHarbor promises you 99.99% uptime. Between our three geo-redundant and network redundant points of presence, we have had zero full service outages in 5+ years. Our service level is unmatched, and that’s what your business deserves.

We also make sure you have zero downtime for an automatic upgrades to our system, and during your porting process

Google Voice has no relationship with CallHarbor and is the registered trademark of Google LLC.