VoIP for Healthcare

VoIP is transforming the way medical staff and patients communicate. Medical offices need to be reachable, and need to have a solution that will be reliable. Leveraging a VoIP solution gives you much more control over call handling, making it simpler to handle a large volume of calls and messages on a daily basis. Harness the power of VoIP, and simplify your operations.

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Proper Patient-Staff Communication

Utilizing VoIP for medical offices means giving proper patient-staff communication. Communication is crucial in building stronger doctor-patient relationships. A medical office needs a reliable phone system. Let our solution help you promote meaningful conversations and deliver timely and accurate information.

Another extremely important VoIP feature that can help improve interactions and enhance collaboration in a medical practice is video conferencing. Using video calls, doctors can virtually set up meetings, discussions, and seminars with staff & patients anywhere, at any time. CallHarbor’s video solution rivals that of Zoom, with competitive pricing, recording options, and high quality audio.


Mobility Features

Between Find Me, Follow Me, our Mobile App, and call forwarding, your doctors will be reachable from wherever they are.



VoIP allows doctors and medical staff members to communicate and collaborate in real-time via voice & video calling.


Reduce Workload

VoIP enables a medical practice to streamline processes with our open API and built in CRM integrations.

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