VoIP for the Food Industry

By using a robust communication solution like VoIP, restaurant owners can establish their reputation in the market, enhance their operational workflows, and deliver top-notch customer service to their patrons. With CallHarbor’s VoIP system, restaurants can improve their staff’s productivity and provide a top quality dining experience for guests. 

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Satisfying VoIP features 

A VoIP system can provide restaurant owners the total flexibility they need to operate their business in a more fluid manner by streamlining operations and processes in multiple locations. Manage your daily restaurant activities, monitor workers, answer customer questions, and even take orders from multiple customers at the same time. Restaurants in the food industry that deal with a high volume of calls can utilize CallHarbor’s VoIP system to eliminate busy signals and reduce customer wait time. With VoIP, restaurants can facilitate a precise and accurate exchange of information, thus helping workers minimize incorrect orders or avoid incomplete meals. 

Advanced Reports

Our analytics can create easy to manage reporting so you can gather info about your callers, record & monitor calls, and store calls for marketing or assurance.

Auto Attendant

Auto attendants can be extremely helpful by automating things such as your hours and location, your daily specials, and your seasonal messages.


Our VoIP solution scales with you. As your restaurants grow, so can your phone system. It’s simply to add on phones, create new auto attendants, and more.

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