VoIP for Government Agencies

Government agencies need a robust and powerful communication system like VoIP to flawlessly communicate and collaborate with colleagues and constituents, and deliver top-notch services to the public. Callharbor’s VoIP system can help government agencies enforce policies, support community programs, provide assistance during natural disasters, answer questions from both the media and the people, and more. 

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Features you can count on 

With the use of CallHarbor’s powerful features such as hunt groups, call routing, and call conferencing, government employees can easily respond to inquiries and fluidly implement programs to deliver quality service to the public, even when they’re outside of the office. Government employees can take advantage of various advanced communications services while ensuring that call integrity is secure and the delivery of information remains safe and efficient at all times.


When it comes to reliability, CallHarbor is at the top. Our system, our network, and our support are all extremely reliable. The three of these come together to create a reliable environment that exudes customer service.


For government agencies, work doesn’t stop when you step out of the office. Being able to work from anywhere mean having flexibility to the max. Work & operate outside of office hours from comfortable locations.


VoIP features such as voice, video, and web conferencing, voice-to-email, advance call routing, and more can provide a solid communication platform to collaborate on projects from anywhere.

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