VoIP for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations need a strong communication platform to continually pursue their mission or social cause. A reliable phone system is one of the base technologies to ensure a successful operation. By utilizing a VoIP system, nonprofits can raise awareness and engage volunteers. They can access donors and connect with beneficiaries from around the world in a cost-efficient and easy to use way.

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A solution that cares as much as you do 

No matter who you are reaching out to, a VoIP system will make it more efficient and more effective. Communicating to donors, volunteers, and co-workers has never been easier on the go. Being able to keep your mobility while also utilizing your business phone number is such an important feature to have, especially as an organization in today’s world. Greater flexibility is a must-have, especially if your team is disbursed in different areas.

Mobile App

Utilize the CallHarbor mobile app to call or send an SMS to volunteers & employees. You get full access to your business number from your cell.

Call Routing

Your calls will find you whether you’re at HQ, in the field, or working from home. You can direct calls to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Cut Costs

CallHarbor helps nonprofits save on expenses. With VoIP, you can focus on delivering your goals without having to worry about costs.

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