Nonprofit organizations need a strong communication platform to continually pursue their mission or social cause. A reliable phone system is one of the base technologies to ensure a successful operation. By utilizing a VoIP system, nonprofits can raise awareness and engage volunteers. They can access donors and connect with beneficiaries from around the world in a cost-efficient and easy to use way. Using a VoIP system such as CallHarbor allows nonprofits to build on their system and format their platform and their analytics in whatever way is best geared towards them.

Enhanced Mobility & Flexibility for Nonprofit

No matter who you are reaching out to, a VoIP system will make it more efficient and more effective. Communicating to donors, volunteers, and co-workers has never been easier on the go. Being able to keep your mobility while also utilizing your business phone number is such an important feature to have. Especially as an organization in today’s world. Greater flexibility, especially if your team is disbursed in different areas, is a must have. A cloud-based VoIP system helps to effortlessly send and receive calls and messages anywhere with an internet connection. Manage your voicemail on the go, keep your teammates updated, and access all of your messages and contacts.

Utilizing our call routing, call queues, and find me, follow me is a great way to stay connected. Your calls will find you whether you’re at headquarters, in the field, or working from home. You can direct important calls and messages to multiple devices, and make sure you don’t miss anything. Your donors and recruits will be able to reach you anytime, anywhere. If you are a larger nonprofit organization, handling large volumes of incoming calls during special events in a cost-effective manner is crucial. Spending less on your call center and call setup solutions is monumental as a nonprofit, and we get that! Services like our auto attendant features will allow your callers to be directed to wherever they need to go, without the need of a receptionist or assistant.

Using your mobile app or web softphone make it easy for you to have all the capabilities of a desk phone. Use all your features right at your fingertips. Using a VoIP phone system while working long hours in various locations can make it easier to stay connected and to be versatile and mobile. We also offer inner-office chat and business SMS, so you can send quick messages and updates to your team members. Stay up to date with volunteers, donors, and more! Being able to do all of this while not giving out your personal phone number is a work-life balance win.

Cutting Costs with VoIP

CallHarbor’s VoIP solution can help nonprofits save on monthly expenses. Nonprofit organizations more often than not are working with a limited budget. We understand the importance of reducing monthly bills when on a budget. With a VoIP system, a nonprofit can focus on delivering their goals without having to worry about the maintenance costs of their phone system. VoIP systems are easy to use, allowing nonprofits to drastically improve their communication processes, no matter the age or tech level of their volunteers and employees.

Along with CallHarbor’s zero upfront cost, and no installation or maintenance fees, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch earlier. So many features are included that you won’t have to pay extra for the necessities. You’ll get unlimited calling, chat, SMS & MMS, and conference calling as part of your plan, right from the start. Keeping everyone connected has never been cheaper, or easier.