VoIP for Retail

Create a better retail experience for your teams and customers with CallHarbor’s voice, messaging, video & mobile app. Retail workers can easily get inundated with phone calls asking about things such as hours & location, holiday specials, and more. VoIP for retail can make sure that a missed call doesn’t end up as a missed sale. From auto attendants freeing up your employees, to SMS giving you the opportunity to communicate with your customers, VoIP + UCaaS will help you work smarter, not harder. 

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Create a positive experience for customers

CallHarbor takes care of your phone solution, so you can focus on taking care of your customers. Increase efficiency and productivity with auto attendant, keep customers engaged with call queues and music-on-hold, and enhance customer communication with SMS & MMS.

Features such as Music on Hold can further enhance customer support. By using our powerful features, you can make customers trust and enjoy your retail location. Music on Hold can many time determine what the customer’s mood is like when they come off hold. According to Mitel, having music on hold actually makes the hold time seem shorter, which reduces frustration and increases caller retention rate. Music on Hold can also be used to increase sales or reduce support inquiries.

Mobile App

Utilize the CallHarbor mobile app to call or send an SMS to your customers. You get full access to your business number, voicemail, and more.



CallHarbor’s system allows you to send SMS & MMS, so you can keep your customers up-to-date with new products, upcoming events, and sales.  


Our VoIP solution scales with you. As your retail stores expand, so can your phone system. Manage multiple locations without any hassle.

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