VoIP for Veterinary Clinic

Veterinarians can improve communication by utilizing a robust VoIP communication platform. Through a fast and efficient phone system, veterinarians and their staff can easily respond to emergencies, allowing them to provide the necessary treatment for pets, all while improving productivity and providing quality service from anywhere. 

Check out our blog post to learn more about VoIP for Veterinary Clinics.


Streamline operations

With CallHarbor, veterinary clinics can enhance their communication channel and improve their operational workflow in order to create a positive lasting impression, provide better service, and build stronger relationships with their clients and their furry friends. 

By incorporating multiple channels of communication such as phone calls, business SMS, video calls, conference calling, and chatting, into a simple and unified communication (UC) solution, veterinary clinics can promote collaboration and coordination among their staff, customers, and partners. 

Cut Costs

Enjoy unlimited nationwide calling, no upfront fees, no maintenance fees, and no support charges, ever.


Music on Hold

Music & Marketing on Hold allows you to keep the parents of your furry patients involved & informed while waiting.


Reduce Workload

VoIP enables veterinary clinics to streamline processes with our open API and built in CRM integrations.

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