Effective and easy-to-use communication is critical to ensure a high level of care for pets at a veterinary clinic. By utilizing a robust VoIP communication platform, veterinarians can improve communication. Whether it’s with clients, staff, or suppliers, it’ll open up channels of trust in order to provide quality treatment. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why your veterinary clinic should be utilizing a VoIP business phone system.

How Can Veterinary Clinics Utilize VoIP?

Every veterinary office needs a stable communication channel to streamline operations. Having your phones up and running at all times will make a good lasting impression. It , and help you to provide top-notch service to your clients. Adjust your business hours, and have an organized auto-attendant to greet callers. Queuing callers depending on which vet they need to talk to will also help make everyone’s experience much better.

By using a CallHarbor VoIP phone system, veterinarians can better support their clients with clear communication. Through a fast and efficient phone system, veterinarians and their staff can easily respond to emergencies. This allows them to provide the necessary treatment for pets. Staff can take advantage of the phone system to improve productivity and provide quality service from anywhere.

Utilizing VoIP For Veterinary Clinics

If something happens that the power goes out at the veterinary office, pet owners will be in a panic. Especially if their sweet pets are staying overnight at the facility! Luckily, with a VoIP system, even in the event of a power outage, vet office phones can keep functioning. Veterinarians can keep their communication channel open because of options such as our mobile app and web softphone. The business phone number and specific extensions can be utilized from anywhere, with ease. The system can also be configured to re-route calls to other numbers or devices. They can establish contact with their customers and keep them up-to-date about the conditions of their pets in real time. Check out our blog article 6 Ways to Stay Connected to VoIP During a Power Outage for more on this!

A VoIP system can help veterinarians enhance their mobility. Like human healthcare professionals, veterinarians are constantly on the move. Through VoIP functions such as hunt groups, find me/follow me, group paging, and call routing, veterinarians can connect with their office staff and customers when they are outside of the office.

Features Fit For Veterinary Offices

CallHarbor’s VoIP phone system is so much more than your typical VoIP platform. Unlike many VoIP providers, we don’t nickel and dime you for every single feature. We only have one plan, and it’s the plan that works. You won’t have to choose between the good, better, or best package, because we only have the best. Our user accesses are equipped with robust features that can improve communication, boost productivity, and enhance service of a vet practice.

By incorporating multiple channels of communication such as phone calls, business SMS, video calls, conference calling, and chatting into a simple and unified communication (UC) solution, veterinary clinics can promote collaboration and coordination among their staff, customers, and partners.

Features such as Music on Hold can further enhance customer support. By using our powerful features, you can make customers feel good about trusting you with their furry family members. With Music on Hold or Marketing on Hold, offices can inform and educate clients about the veterinary practice, holiday hours, or special offers through custom messages. In this way, veterinarians can enhance a client’s calling experience and promote the practice at the same time.

Veterinary Offices Reducing Communication Costs with VoIP

Using VoIP can reduce equipment and maintenance costs, while improving productivity. A veterinary office’s voice and data traffic can be integrated into one physical network, which can bypass the need for separate PBX lines and further reduce costs by managing only one network for voice and data. With CallHarbor, there are NO upfront costs, no hidden charges for setup, installation, or maintenance, and never any cost associated to our support. VoIP phone systems are easy to use and configure.

Veterinary clinics can reduce costs for usage, due to VoIP systems enabling veterinarians and their staff to make international and long distance calls for a fraction of a cost of a traditional phone system. By using an existing Internet connection for both voice and data communications, VoIP can further cut monthly phone bills that would be much higher when using a traditional phone line.