VoIP for School & Education

Educational faculty and staff are always on the move, traveling between schools and head offices, which is why they need a VoIP phone system to help keep them on task, organized, and in-touch, no matter where they are. VoIP phone systems can enhance the efficiency of daily tasks so busy educators can get more done. VoIP can have a great impact on the quality of communication, therefore enhancing the quality of education.

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Lessen your workload with convenient & efficient VoIP features 

Resources such as counseling, tutoring, and other support services can be readily accessed with CallHarbor’s VoIP features. Call queue management and call routing quickly puts callers in touch with the right faculty. In addition to helping educational institutions maintain accurate and systemic records of attendance, grades, transcripts and medical information, CallHarbor’s VoIP phone system can reduce operational and capital expenses due to the vast amount of features that can lessen administrative staffing needs. 

Cut Costs

Schools can cut costs by using a VoIP system because of the reduced infrastructure & maintenance costs. It also offers a healthy return on investment.



VoIP allows teachers and administrative staff members to communicate and collaborate in real-time via voice & video calling, SMS, and MMS.


Voicemail Features

Voicemail-to-email is a great feature for school staff. With voicemail to email, you can silently check your voicemails whether you are in a meeting or at home.

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