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Partnership Opportunities

We take the pain away from providing phone and communication service to your clients. No late night support calls, and no on-boarding nightmares. 

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Nationwide Service

From the west coast to the east coast, your clients will be serviced on-site, with our premium installers. 

Premium Hardware

We ensure your customers have the highest quality endpoints from Yealink & Polycom.

High Commisions

CallHarbor strengthens your business with some of the highest commisions in the industry.

Some things we just do differently



We provide free on-site demonstrations in the local Metro-Detroit area. We will work with your team of agents to support them every step of the way through the sales process. Picture us as one of your own.


All of our installations nationwide receive our on-site installation. This includes setup, training, and testing of every aspect of the phone system to ensure your client is on the ground running. Not calling support day one.

After Install Support

24/7 Support is one of the biggest selling points. Not just because its there, but because its the same team after hours as during the day, and it’s all local to Michigan. No untrained, or outsourced technicians here.


We work with you and your team to build a marketing campaign around CallHarbor, we want to ensure that you get the exposure that you need to sell this platform.

An evolving solution

Why go to a platform that can become stale, and no longer meet the needs of your clients down the road. CallHarbor releases on average two feature releases per year. Ensuring that your clients always have the latest and greatest is an advantage to both you and your client. Less turn-over means more time working on the latest deal.

Schedule a demonstration & learn more

Ready to move forward on a partnership with CallHarbor? Schedule a demonstration with us and learn more about our partner program by filling out the form to the right. 

We do not require any minimums, or start-up costs. So it is as simple as seeing the platform, getting a commision agreement in place, and closing. 


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