VoIP for Insurance Companies

The key to a good client or customer relationship is effective communication. Insurance companies can use this to their advantage by harnessing the power of an affordable VoIP system. With a powerful, feature-rich VoIP system, insurance companies can deliver exceptional customer service by improving engagement and enhancing the operational processes at an affordable cost.

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Convenient, accessible, and reliable features

Insurance agents can facilitate effective communication, improve operational workflow, and deliver top-quality customer service with CallHarbor’s convenient VoIP features such as call forwarding, call monitoring, file sharing, conferencing, and call routing. Through a hosted VoIP provider, insurance companies can ensure that all relevant client information and conversations will be recorded and stored safely in the cloud. The find me – follow me feature gives agents the mobility they need, without the worry of missing a potentially important phone call, and with our CRM integrated VoIP system, insurance agents can respond to calls from clients and address their questions or concerns on time. 



CRM Integrations

Our VoIP system integrates with dozens of CRMs, so you can get perks such as screen pops, call logging, notes, click-to-call, and so much more.


Our timeframes tell the phone system what to do at specific times. Whether this is forwarding calls, playing a specific auto attendant, or running through certain queues.

Cut Costs

VoIP systems are more affordable than traditional phone systems, so insurance companies can reduce their technology costs significantly.


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