VoIP for Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you’re always on the go. If you aren’t meeting with a client or customer, you’re moving from house to house, to the office and back. The high volume of the real estate industry means that as a realtor, you need to be constantly reachable. No matter where you are, or what time it is, your clients are going to want to get a response from you. Regardless of if you’re in the office, at a showing, at home, or on the road, with CallHarbor you’ll be able to have full access to your business phone number.

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Keep your business going on-the-go

It’s obvious that realtors are moving into a more remote direction for their workdays – even more so than other careers. Knowing this, and knowing that visiting listings and gaining prospects holds a high importance throughout their workday, it’s a necessity that realtors have the ability to use their business phone system on the go.

Communication and the expectations of clients being able to reach their realtor continues to grow as well. When your client wants to call and text you at any hour of the day, you don’t want those communications going to your personal number. Being able to utilize the CallHarbor Mobile App to call & text clients will give you the separation you need, while also staying fully connected.


Mobile App

Utilize the CallHarbor mobile app to call or send an SMS to your latest clients. You get full access to your business number, voicemail, and more.



CallHarbor’s system allows you to send SMS & MMS, so you can send your clients photos of houses and schedule showings with ease.


Our VoIP solution scales with you. As your real estate firm grows, so can your phone system. It’s easy to get new agents set up on the system.

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