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About Us

CallHarbor is more than just a telecommunications company. We’re a full unified communications provider for organizations nationwide. We’re also an awesome group of people who would love to have you join our family!

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Our mission and some specifics

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a telecommunications platform to enhance businesses through modern technologies and value. Never compromising our commitment to outstanding customer service and continued enhancements to our technology.

Privately held since inception

We are a privately held organization. Launched in 2008. We do not need to answer to share holders or risk our clients experience for the gain of the organization. 


Profitable and growing. We are not relying on venture capital or seed money to grow our organization. We have been profitable for over 10 years.

Own and operate our own network

Not relying on large cloud solution providers is important. AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure operate the majority of the internet today. However with outages impacting each of these services at one point this can cause a big issue for organizations. We own our own hardware, operate our own network, and are not reliant on a single location or provider.

Our Focus

CallHarbor is to stay focused on one business function only, and that is to deliver small business UCaaS services. Working as a team to find the most effective way to advance technology, improve processes, enhance customer service, and grow our customer base.

Near zero turn-over

Our clients trust in us to deliver high quality business communication solutions. We deliver. That’s our promise.  With that we have had a near zero turn-over of clients.

Above world class customer service

Our customer service is considered above world class. With a 6.98 score out (max of 7) on our Customer Experience Surveys. With world class being a score of 6. We deliver 24/7 US based support via phone, email, chat, and SMS. 

Award winning

We have won multiple awards. Some of them being Best and Brightest companies to work for. TMC’s Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award, and many more. We continue to be noticed for our outstanding service and products. 

Management team

Frank kadaf


travis waye

Operations Manager

bailey terrelL

Channel Sales & Marketing Director

Alec Ulrich

Technical Operations Manager

Multiple points of presence

Redundancy is king. We always plan for the unexpected. With our multiple geo-redundant locations you can rest assured that we will keep your phones ringing, your data safe, and provide low latency no matter where you are located. All of our point of presence are in sync with each other ensuring that you are not reliant on one location. 

Atlanta, GA

Detroit, MI

Phoenix, AZ

Primary Voice Services, Recording, Portal, QoS

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