VoIP for a Law Firm

Effective communication is key to a successful and long-lasting client-lawyer relationship. CallHarbor makes it easy (and affordable) for lawyers to seamlessly and effortlessly communicate with their team, clients, and everyone in between.

Law firms can use the help of CallHarbor’s VoIP phone system to deliver accurate and timely information, enhance engagement, provide top quality service, and present a professional impression to their clients.

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Enhancing operational workflows & reducing workloads

CallHarbor provides features like professional auto attendants to greet your customers and reduce hold times by automatically routing calls to the correct departments and attorneys.  With our unified communications solution, lawyers can virtually forward motions, pleadings, settlement offers, and demand letters to their clients, partners, or staff members across multiple locations, as well as increase responsiveness through two innovative built-in mobility features: voicemail-to-email and voicemail-to-text. 

Enhanced eFax

Our enhanced eFax platform makes faxing easy. Send & receive faxes right from your computer, utilizing your fax number.



VoIP allows lawyers and their clients to communicate and collaborate in real-time via voice & video calling.

Handle It All

Law firms take a high volume of important calls. Our system makes it easier & more convenient to manage.

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