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2020 has changed the landscape for almost every aspect of our daily life. Schools are a large part of affected institutions, and they’ve made many adjustments to try to run successfully through the pandemic. Remote learning has become a more popular reality, and utilizing a VoIP phone can help make communication while teaching and learning remotely easier. Even before the pandemic, communication within a school or educational environment has been monumental. Having the ability to communication effectively from wherever you are is an important base to build on.

VoIP Features for School & Educational Environments

In addition to cheaper business phone plans, VoIP offers many features that benefit schools in remote learning. This wide array of features will truly become indispensable to the learning environment and their daily routine.

VoIP features vary between VoIP providers, and cloud-based service providers add even greater convenience and advanced features, but all IP phone services offer the same important benefits in greater manageability of communications for schools. Check out the following VoIP features that can benefit your school most.

Cutting Costs

Schools can cut costs by using a VoIP system because of the reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs. It also offers a great service and a healthy return on investment.

VoIP gives economic benefits to a school by lessening some specific administrative expenses and maintenance costs. Because VoIP operates on an IP network, schools will be able to stop using a traditional phone line to send and receive calls and messages. They’ll be able to kick out plain old telephone service (POTS) and copper wires. Utilizing VoIP has less maintenance cost and upkeep, since it simply connects to their already existing internet connection.

Using a VoIP phone service like CallHarbor can reduce operational and capital expenses due to the vast amount of features that can lessen administrative staffing needs. A specific feature that will be extremely helpful to administrative staff is an auto attendant. Auto attendants are extremely valuable for companies because they serve as a type of call management that makes sure the company’s callers get to the right department quickly and easily. (Check out our blog post to learn more about auto attendants). Callers would be able to get information on closures or events right from the auto attendant, or pick which staff, department, or personnel to get to by choosing from a list of options.

Basic & Enhanced eFaxing

A big VoIP feature that many customer love is both our basic and enhanced electronic faxing. Electronic faxing, also known as eFax, makes faxing easy and internet based. No more fumbling with an old fax machine, and standing by waiting to find out if the fax was successful. Using eFax gives you the ability to send scanned paper documents or digital files right from your computer. It’s the modern version of those fax machines from the 90’s, with added ease. You can securely fax directly from your school office, your classroom, your home, or even an off-campus meeting or conference.

Using eFax also gives you some added security by sending and receiving your faxes from a personal device, instead of an open machine where anyone could see the faxed documents. You will have increased delivery speed, convenience, efficiency, and protection of sensitive information by using eFax. On our enhanced eFax platform, you can also easily build out cover letters for multiple topics/types of documents.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to email is a great feature for school staff. If calls have the ability to go straight to your extension, you may be getting a lot of voicemails from fellow staff, students, and parents. With voicemail to email, you can silently check your voicemails whether you are in a meeting, at home, or in the middle of a silent quiz. You’ll be able to determine how you want to handle your missed call without causing an interruption. By streamlining voicemail and email services, you can see your messages easier, respond in a more timely and appropriate manner, and stay much more organized in the long run. You can listen to voicemail attachments, or read the transcription of the voicemail to save time.

Business SMS

Using business SMS is an easy and convenient way to stay in touch. In a school environment, business SMS could be used in many different ways. The main office could have a text line for parents to send a message to if their child/children will be out sick. They don’t have to worry about remembering to call first thing in the morning, and the staff can see the message and log the absence into the system when they get into the office in the morning. Teacher could utilize business SMS as a way to communicate with their students if they have questions about homework, or if their parents have any concerns. CallHarbor even includes MMS, so you have the ability to send pictures of homework as well.

When using business SMS, you can read and respond to your messages through the CallHarbor mobile app, available for Apple and Android, or through the CallHarbor web softphone, that you can access from any internet browser on your computer or tablet.