Government and state institutions have a lot of responsibility. Between maintaining social programs and enforcing new policies, or simply answering inquiries from citizens and the media, these institutions and agencies don’t have time to be worrying about their business phone system. The need to deliver accurate and time sensitive information, and stay connected to the necessary parties. Government agencies need a robust and powerful communication system like VoIP to give employees the ability to flawlessly communicate & collaborate with colleagues and the public. A VoIP phone system will give your government agency a more efficient and mobile workplace.

Our clients trust in us to deliver high quality business communication solutions. We deliver. That’s our promise. With that we have had a near zero turn-over of clients. Government agencies have important information within their communications suite. They don’t want to be hopping between phone providers every three years. With CallHarbor, you’ll be so satisfied with your service that it’s rare to want to leave.

Why VoIP for Government Agencies?

When it comes to reliability, CallHarbor is at the top. Our system, our network, and our support are all extremely reliable. The three of these come together to create a reliable environment that exudes customer service. When it comes to support, CallHarbor is world class. We have scored a 6.98 out of 7 in our customer experience surveys – with 6 being world class. When it comes to a government agency, we know you need near perfect. We offer local, personal support that you won’t get elsewhere. When it comes to a government agency, they need to be able to trust their support. Rest easy knowing that our tech team is going to be responsive and quick.

For government agencies, work doesn’t stop when you step out of the office. We know you need flexibility, and we provide just that. Being able to work from anywhere mean having flexibility to the max. This means being able to work and operate outside of normal office hours from comfortable locations. Sick days are also reduced, since employees can work from home when not feeling well. When it comes to work events and traveling, you no longer have to worry about missing important calls or not being connected to your team. Flexibility is very important to employees and employers, also showing a relationship with retention. 30% of employees have left a job due to lack of flexibility. Government workers are constantly on the move, whether it’s traveling to run a project or heading out for a service call. With the use of a feature-rich VoIP system, government agencies can provide mobility tools to their employees so that they can stay connected.

Streamlined Collaboration

We provide a full Unified Communication Suite to our customer, with streamlined communications between it all. Our customers get access to a desktop phone, our web-based softphone application, and our mobile application. These three different options give you a huge amount of flexibility. Having ways to collaborate through our inner-office chat and full business SMS and MMS.

VoIP features such as voice, video, and web conferencing, voice-to-email, advance call routing, and more can provide a solid communication platform where government employees can share crucial information and collaborate on projects remotely. Plus, implementing a unified communications (UC) solution can help unify all modes of communication for ease of use and organizational purposes.

VoIP is a reliable replacement for a plain old telephone service (POTS) during natural disasters or weather emergencies, when a power outage occurs. As long as there is an available Internet connection, government agencies can still access and activate their services and send messages to the public. In this way, government agencies can inform citizens when they need to evacuate or how to minimize the risks during storms and other calamities. Check out our blog article on how VoIP helps switch from disaster recovery to disaster preparedness.