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Having open and working lines of communication for a business of any size is extremely important. Many organizations rely on their phone system for keeping their day to day operations up. They need to contact clients, customers, users, departments, teams, and stakeholders. Being able to keep these communications running is paramount. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations have been left in the dust when disaster struck. Disaster can strike at any moment, from a natural disaster, to an accidental fire, to a pandemic. Your organization needs to be as prepared as possible. As we’ve seen in 2020, it’s so much more important to be prepared for a disaster rather than trying to recover from it.

VoIP and UCaaS services can keep your business running. Companies like CallHarbor help small and medium sized businesses have a powerful and enterprise-worthy communication platform. We also can keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing your organization for worst case scenarios.

Prepared for Disaster

Whether it is a natural or unnatural disaster, one things stands common: business must go on. Having a plan and be able to prepare is easier to do with a VoIP and UCaaS system. You need to account for all of your employees and stakeholders, and keep communication open and working. Trying to keep things up and running as smoothly as possible is important and necessary.

Depending on the needs and what field your organization is in will of course lead your amount of preparedness. For example, health care facilities will have different needs than restaurants or real estate agencies. When disaster strikes, there are some common questions that you need to ask about your organization. This will make sure that things will be as prepared as possible.

During the disaster

Will your teams have the ability to communicate in at least one way during the disaster? This is especially important if you need work to continue from home. If teams go home/stay home, will you be fumbling around trying to use personal cell phone numbers? Make sure everyone is safe and that they have means of communicating or getting the ability.

After the disaster

Will you be able to continually communicate? Does your team have the ability to communicate to necessary customers, clients, or stakeholders? Is everyone going to be on the same page? Having a plan for communicating in a group environment is important to keep everyone in the loop and avoid confusion.

In case of no/limited office access

If your team does not have access to the office, will they have everything they need to succeed remotely? Video conferencing is a great way to keep your team together and connected, but you should also think about access. If your team has access to a mobile app, web softphone, and inter-office chat, you’ll be able to easily stay connected without any hiccups.

Of course there are plenty of other things to worry about when preparing for a disaster. From the communication standpoint, being able to pick things up where they left off, from any location, is a monumental advantage to a VoIP or UCaaS system. Your recovery plan will rely on the ability to communicate. With a VoIP system, you’ll have 100% more capabilities than with a plain old telephone service.

Importance in Redundancy

Having multiple points of presence and being able to offer redundancy when it comes to your hosted voice solution is extremely important. Redundancy is key, and we understand that. We always plan for the unexpected, and we plan to keep your organization’s phone system up and running. With our multiple geo-redundant locations in Detroit, Atlanta, and Phoenix, you can rest assured that we will keep your phones ringing, your data safe, and provide low latency no matter where you are located.

All of our point of presence are in sync with each other ensuring that you are not reliant on one location. If one location, say the data center in Detroit, experiences a disaster, communications and processes can be rerouted to a redundant data center located in Atlanta, where the geographical disaster is not occurring. Of course, the more data centers the better — this ensures not only a higher level of redundancy, but better connections for users across the country.

UCaaS solutions have a natural design for disaster avoidance, more-so than recovery. You can access Cloud solutions from anywhere, and they are engineered for redundancy from the very start. Redundancy is a major factor when it comes to the overall reliability and quality of service offered from a UCaaS provider. It is something that will make your phone system much more reliable.

The Ability to Work From Home

Already offering flexible solutions and having the ability to work from home, instead of scrambling to attempt to work from home/remotely is the biggest part of being prepared for anything. Having your team understand how to use a VoIP mobile solution before it being the only option is a smart and efficient way to be prepared.

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