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Having the ability to work from anywhere is a huge advantage in the work world, and proves to CallHarbor’s value of mobility. There are many benefits to being able to work from outside of the office – extending from employers to employees alike.

Employee Satisfaction

Many studies throughout time have proven the fact that employees are more satisfied when they have the ability to work from anywhere. Workers who work outside of the office, at least some of the time, are happier, feel more trusted, are less stressed, are more inclined to recommend their employer to a friend, and are less likely to leave their current position than their officebound colleagues. The study asked respondents if they feel happy in their job, to compare employee happiness between workers who have the ability to work outside of the office, as opposed to on-site only workers. They found that workers with the ability to work from anywhere said they were happy with their jobs 29% more than on-site only workers.

Work-Life Balance

Having the ability to full immerse in your work from your laptop or cellphone, while utilizing the same number as your office phone, means that you can still be “in office” while at home or on the go. 91% of employees with the ability to work outside of the office reported that they had a better work-life balance than working fully on-site. Not to mention if you are working from home, your commute is a whole zero minutes!


Being able to work from anywhere mean having flexibility to the max. This means being able to work and operate outside of normal office hours from comfortable locations. Sick days are also reduced, since employees can work from home when not feeling well, or head to the doctor and make up the extra time at home instead of calling off hours. When it comes to work events and traveling, you know longer have to worry about missing important calls or not being connected to your team. Flexibility is very important to employees and employers, also showing a relationship with retention. 30% of employees have left a job due to lack of flexibility.

Saving Money

By switching to a VoIP system as opposing to a traditional phone system, you’re saving big bucks.

Along with these baseline savings simply by switching, employers have also reported saving money on building expenses, after giving employees the benefit of working outside of the office while still staying connected.

As for employees, they save money by not having to commute into work, and by not having to be forced to call off work for inconveniences that can be avoided by being able to work from outside the office.

Less Stress for Everyone

Having the ability to work from anywhere reduces stress for employees and employers alike. 80% of survey respondents reported that having the ability to work outside the office does or would make them less stressed. This can be due to many things. The flexibility and increased happiness listed above definitely play a factor in reduced stress levels. Employees and employers can feel less stressed about deadlines, especially if they know that instead of staying late at the office, they can simply go home, enjoy dinner with their family, and then log on for another hour or two from the convenience of their own home. Being reachable from your work number at all locations also means reduced stress about missing an important call or not being able to ask a coworker a question when you are out of the office.

Having the ability to work from anywhere saves money, reduces stress, promotes a work-life balance, and can build up employee happiness and retention. If you haven’t made the switch yet, the time is now!