Restaurants and other businesses in the food industry that are looking to increase their bottom line and establish their reputation in the market need to implement a cutting-edge communication system like VoIP. It delivers the ultimate dining and customer service experience. Whether it’s monitoring and managing daily operations, or simply taking orders and answering customer inquiries. A feature-rich VoIP system can help enhance a restaurant’s operational workflow. It’s no wonder why more and more restaurants are making the switch to a VoIP phone solution. With CallHarbor’s VoIP solution, even the smallest mom and pop businesses with a small staff can handle calls. You’ll have the ability to give your customers a big chain restaurant feel.

VoIP Features for the Food Industry

Your auto attendant is the first thing that customers are greeted with when they call into your business. Having a professional and well organized auto attendant is monumental. Especially for businesses in the food industry that take frequent orders and have a higher call volume. Auto attendants can be extremely helpful by automating things such as your hours and location, your daily specials, and your seasonal messages. You can even have callers press a specific button to get routed to a manager for compliments or complaints. This frees up your staff to take only the important calls. They’ll waste less time answering calls that could have been automated information. Check out our blog post on auto attendants for even more info!

If your restaurant has multiple locations, we can keep you connected. VoIP systems allow restaurant owners to connect to their offices and branches conveniently. You can contact employees in real-time, and send or receive important information from multiple locations efficiently. A VoIP system can provide restaurant owners the total flexibility they need to operate their business in a more fluid manner by streamlining operations and processes in multiple locations.

Additionally, a VoIP system can help easily connect the various moving parts of your restaurant chain. For instance, restaurant corporate offices that house marketing teams, managers, sales teams, etc. can communicate with on-site employees more efficiently through features such as hunt groups and find me, follow me. When your marketing manager wants to call in to the general manager who is at a different location, then can easily dial their extension from their desk or mobile phone. It’s convenient and easy to communicate from different locations.

Analytics & Hardware

Our analytics platform can create easy to manager reporting so you can gather information about your callers. CallHarbor gives you the ability to record, monitor, and store calls for marketing or assurance. Your system will give you the ability to determine specifics such as which marketing phone number the caller got your information from. You can also use this information to keep track of when your call volume is highest, for staffing purposes.

CallHarbor has multiple options for hardware, but they all have one thing in common. Our hardware offerings are all extremely easy to use. With many of our options being multi-line hardware, you don’t have to worry about your callers getting a busy signal. The day of having to turn customers away because you can’t handle your call volume are over. Restaurants in the food industry that deal with a high volume of calls can utilize a VoIP system to eliminate busy signals and reduce customer wait time. Because VoIP is equipped with Call Hold and Music on Hold features, you can put the caller on hold automatically until the next available employee can take the call.