Business professionals in today’s workplace are using more forms of communication than ever before. Although it’s great to have so many options when reaching out to a customer/client/business, it can also get overwhelming to juggle all of them. You can easily get bogged down with voicemails that you don’t have time to listen to, or emails that don’t make sense. In walks voicemail to email. It’s an amazing and sometimes underutilized feature that comes with your CallHarbor plan.

By streamlining voicemail and email services, you can see your messages easier, respond in a more timely and appropriate manner, and stay much more organized in the long run. You can listen to voicemail attachments, or read the transcription of the voicemail to save time. Let’s break down 5 specific benefits of using our voicemail to email feature.

In the CallHarbor customer portal, you can toggle your voicemail to email settings, choosing to leave the voicemails as unread, delete them once they are sent to your email, or move them to be saved. You can also choose if you want the voice message sent as a hyperlink or voice attachment.

Efficient response times

A big benefit of voicemail to email is how easily and efficiently you can respond to people. Streamlining voicemail and email is a big deal. A study shows that 94% of voicemail users prefer to receive voicemail via email or text message, so it’s likely that you’ll pay more attention to the message one it gets sent to your email inbox. You can also prioritize which conversations and messages need to be responded to first.

In today’s business world, it’s extremely critical that customers get quick customer service, and that new customers are tended to quickly and efficiently. Customers expect to be helped promptly and they judge businesses based on how quickly they will hear back once they ask for help. By making it simpler to see new voicemails popping up, you’ll ensure that your business is quick and responsive to most customer needs that come in, that can only be good for business success.

Greater access capabilities

Having your voicemails sent over to an email inbox means they are available from more locations. You don’t have to be tied down to a phone or have your phone on loud if you are trying to focus. Almost all professionals today access their email from smartphones, tablets, computers, smart watches, and just about every other device that they have.

One less step

Utilizing voicemail to email eliminates the need to check your voicemail inbox. For many business owners, checking your inbox throughout the day seems like a standard practice, or maybe it’s something that you forget to do from time to time. Either way, it’s an inefficient part of the day. Instead of watching for notification lights, or wasting your time checking a voicemail inbox when it’s empty, voicemail to email takes away the need for any of these practices. What could you be doing with your free time instead?

When a new voicemail comes in, you’ll receive an email notification just like you would for any other email. This will let you know immediately that there’s something that requires your attention. Once you easily read the transcription, you can decide if you need to take a listen, if you need to call someone right away, or if it can wait until a later time. You can get rid of the extra “location” and streamline to a system you are already checking and getting notifications for anyways.

Easier to collaborate

Getting voicemails sent your email also enabled you to share and collaborate with other easier. By simply forwarding a voicemail email to a coworker, they can easily be included in the conversation, made aware of a message, etc. This can be especially importance when it comes to dealing with customers, or dealing with important business decisions. Workers can easily remove voicemails as they go, or file them away for safe keeping, and multiple workers can all keep on top of customer needs. When it comes to customer support, being able to collaboratively handle incoming voicemails is a very efficient way of handling things.

Keep track of messages easier

Keeping track of voicemails has never been easier than with the email integration. There’s no need to keep re-listening to voicemails, trying to figure out who said what, or where that super important message went. You can quickly scan email transcriptions and know exactly which voicemail is which. You can also create a voicemail folder in your email inbox that keeps you nice and organized. If you have an especially important email, you can also flag it, giving you an easy way to keep track of it at all times.