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Analog phone systems are quickly becoming technology of the past. Many businesses are trading in their plain old telephone service for VoIP phone systems. With all of the features and functionality that VoIP systems offer, it’s easy to understand why businesses are making the switch. Let’s take a look at some of the specific features and benefits that you can gain from switching over to a VoIP system.

VoIP Features & Benefits

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant is a menu system that uses voice or number prompts to help callers navigate to the correct department. This type of VoIP phone system feature helps eliminate or lessen the need for a human receptionist or answering service. You can also use one of these systems to help out a receptionist when it comes to managing periods of high call volumes.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a tool that can be very valuable to businesses with high volumes of incoming calls. The ACD distributes the calls to specific agent groups or individuals.

Business SMS

Utilizing business SMS is a great way to stay connected with customers. CallHarbor has multiple option when it comes to our business SMS offering. You can use business SMS on a personal level, where the direct text number will go directly to your mobile app and web softphone. You can also create a business SMS number for queues, such as for your sales or support team.

Busy Call Forwarding

Users have the option to set up busy call forwarding, where your calls will automatically forward to another extension, phone number, or call queue if you are busy.

Busy Line Notification

On your hardware phone, the light next to a user that you have saved will be displayed as red if they are busy. Busy line notification (BLF) is useful for quickly determining if someone in your organization is available for a call. Using SIP, the system determines if the line is busy, which then displays a busy light on your IP phone for that line.

Call Analytics

Call analytics is the collection, analysis, and reporting of incoming and outgoing call data to better measure performance and customer experiences. It is done in real-time, and there are key performance indicators (KPIs) that are often used to track and visualize specific metrics. Call analytics can then be saved, shared, or emailed so the entire team can stay updated on your calling analytics.

Whisper, Listen, Barge

The CallHarbor Listen, Whisper, Barge feature, also known as call monitoring or Barge-Monitor-Whisper, is an included feature that allows office managers, supervisors, and team leads to monitor the phone conversations of an employee via the CallHarbor user portal.

Read our blog article on how to utilize whisper, listen, barge.

Call Flip

Call flip lets you transfer a call from one phone to another without a hassle. This means that an agent can take a call on their desk phone or web softphone and transfer it to their mobile app or cell phone when they need to leave the office. 

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows your calls to get forwarded to another device. Whether that device is your cell phone, another employee’s extension, or your second extension, call forwarding makes sure your calls get answered. You can set up to where your calls forward when you are busy, when you are offline, or during set hours/dates.

Call Hold

Call hold allows you to put a caller on hold if you need a minute to find an answer to a question, check to see if someone is available, etc. It is a simple but valuable feature.

Call Hunting

Also referred to as find me, follow me, call hunting distributes inbound calls made to one telephone number to multiple phone lines. Research has found that 77% of small businesses feel that Find Me, Follow Me is a top VoIP feature and benefit. Find Me, Follow Me refers to your answering rules. Being able to control your answering rules creates a high level of mobility for your company.

Call Park

Call park is another simple but valuable feature. All users have the ability to put a call on park, and notify another user to pick it up by dialing a simple extension. You can pick up parked calls from your physical phone, your web softphone, and your mobile app. Receptionist can put callers on a call park even easier by utilizing the attendant console and dragging and dropping the call from their computer or tablet!

Call Presence

Call presence lets you see which of your agents is available to take calls, who is currently on the phone, and who is offline. You can view your employee presence via the web softphone and the mobile app too.

Call Queuing

Call queues provide a method of routing callers to people in your organization who can help with with a particular issue or question. If set up and utilized correctly, they can help a calling customer easily and quickly get to where they need to be. Read our blog article on 4 Tips for Optimizing Call Queues.

Call Recording

Call recording is a very valuable feature for all types of businesses and industries. This feature used to be an expensive service that required complicated hardware, but now it’s an easy to use service that with your CallHarbor plan, is included. Call recording is a robust and important feature for organizations at all levels. It’s not just important for support lines and call centers, but for anyone that wants to focus on their customer service, training, or anyone receiving important information that doesn’t want to always struggle to find a pen and paper.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is used to determine how customers located your business. It helps determine how successful ad campaigns are and if they are beneficial in a specific area. You can easily assign different local numbers to specific ad campaigns such as billboard, social media, and radio, and track which number has the highest volume of incoming calls, abandoned calls, etc.

Call Transfer

This feature allows an agent to transfer their caller from their phone to another department with ease. 

Campaign Performance Analytics

These analytics help you understand performance across a particular time period for a given phone number/campaign. This is in the same category as the call tracking feature as well.

Click to Call

Click to call allows your customers to simply click on a button on your website or mobile app and immediately establish a call with an available agent. Click-to-call creates an easy way to instantly start dialing a number on a website or from a search engine. Click-to-call is a feature that is unique to VoIP. It makes it so you don’t have to remember, write down, or copy and pasta a phone number. Easily clicking the number to start a call makes it simple to get where you need to be. If your business uses any direct dial numbers for things such as sales or support, it can also create an easy way to reach the DID number.

Conference Bridge

A conference bridge is a feature that allows more than three people to be added to a call. It‘s useful for quick team updates and meetings that only require voice. CallHarbor’s conference bridge comes with your plan, and you also gain access to reporting, such as who called into the bridge and how long they were on the call.

Custom Music on Hold/Marketing on Hold

Music on Hold refers to an audio file that is played while a caller is in a queue waiting for their call to be answered. The audio file can be a recorded message, music, or simple ringing. It can be applied to individual call queues and users, or be the same domain-wide. Using MoH as marketing on hold can benefit your business by telling callers about seasonal specials or future events.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

DND will turn off your ringer and send callers to your voicemail to leave a message. This is beneficial for employees who have calls transferred to their cell phones during off-hours.


Enhanced 911 is VoIP’s answer to traditional 911. Unlike PSTN-based 911, IP phones and other devices aren’t registered by default to a single location, so it’s harder to receive emergency services. With E911, location accuracy is improved greatly via several key technologies and VoIP location registration, compared to a landline phone service. Check out our blog article on E911 here to learn more about what it is and why it is so important.

Mobile App

The CallHarbor Mobile app allows you to take your VoIP business extension with you. You can place calls, receive calls, adjust answering rules, check voicemail, send chat and SMS, and view the status of your other staff members right from your mobile phone. Simply login with your existing CallHarbor portal login and you will instantly be setup with your extension and personalized settings. More features are always being added with revisions of our application.

Web Softphone

A web softphone is a phone or feature for making telephone calls over the Internet using a computer rather than dedicated phone hardware. The softphone can be utilized through our internet web portal on a desktop, mobile device, or other computer, and also functions in the same way as our web softphone on the mobile app. It allows the user to place and receive calls, see their coworkers’ online status, and engage in chat and SMS. Check out our blog article on how to utilize our web softphone for more information.

Extension Dialing

Rather than dialing a full number, endpoints within the organization can reach other endpoints with just an extension. Users merely dial a two- or three-digit number to reach other desks within the organization. If you have your coworkers extensions saved on your physical hardware, you can make it even simpler by clicking one button.

Company Directory

The company directory is a great option for auto attendants. This option will list out everyone’s extensions and make it easier for the caller to get to where they need to be. It eliminates having a receptionist or front desk worker answer the phone just to transfer to an extension.

Geographic Redundancy

CallHarbor knows your VoIP phones need to work, period. That why we have geographic redundancy in Detroit, Atlanta, and Phoenix. These three locations are different spots where your phone system is hosted out of. In the event that one, or even two of these location go offline, your phone system will bounce to another location to avoid issues or latency.

IVR System

Customers can use an IVR (interactive voice response) system to navigate through your services. Self-service features like bill pay and survey administration are available so that the customer doesn’t needlessly tie up agents.

Local Numbers

Local virtual numbers appear to be in the same area code as your customers in order to establish a presence where your customers are. CallHarbor offers local numbers for free so you can utilize a few specific numbers for certain ads or marketing campaigns to make it even easier to keep up with your analytics and reporting.

MMS Messaging

Alongside our business SMS offering, we also include MMS. MMS is a type of multimedia messaging that allows you to send images and videos besides the standard text features of SMS. MMS messaging is especially helpful for specific industries such as realty where you may want to send photos of houses.

Number Porting

When changing carriers, phone number porting allows you to take your old numbers with you to your new VoIP service provider. CallHarbor does not charge extra for number porting, whereas many VoIP companies charge anywhere from $10-$30 per number ported.

Enhanced eFax

Electronic faxing, also known as eFax, makes faxing easy and internet based. No more fumbling with an old fax machine, and standing by waiting to find out if the fax was successful. Using eFax gives you the ability to send scanned paper documents or digital files right from your computer. Using eFax also gives you some added security by sending and receiving your faxes from a personal device, instead of an open machine where anyone could see the faxed documents. You will have increased delivery speed, convenience, efficiency, and protection of sensitive information by using eFax. On our enhanced eFax platform, you can also easily build out cover letters for multiple topics/types of documents.

Quality of Service

This is the overall measure of performance for a call. It is quantitatively measured through several different criteria, such as latency, packet loss and burstiness of loss and jitter. CallHarbor keeps track of QoS for all calls, so if we see an issue with latency or jitter, we can track the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Inner-Office Chat

CallHarbor gives all users access to inner-office chat, so you can easily chat to coworkers. You can access chat in your customer portal, from your web softphone, and from your mobile app, so you are always connected.

Remote Call Forwarding

With remote call forwarding, you use a smartphone or portable device to seamlessly forward desk calls to the field. Check out this handy article from GetVoIP on remote call forwarding and why it’s beneficial.

Ring Groups

Ring groups allow you to have multiple phones ring when a single extension is dialed. For example, if your customer calls into your support phone number, you can organize it to ring 5 different support team members at the same time, giving the customer a quick and efficient customer service experience.

Speed Dials

This feature lets you use a short sequence of numbers to call a full number which you interact with frequently. For example, pressing 1 and dialing actually makes a call to 833-363-VOIP instead of typing the full number. This is convenient if you have a few different customers or providers that you call often.

Google Chrome Extension

CallHarbor Integrator allows you to click to call, receive CRM screen pops, and more right from your web-browser. With over a dozen pre-built CRM integrations and more more being added regularly you can count on our application to improve workflows, and streamline processes. Simply sign-in with your existing CallHarbor login and you will be up and running in seconds.

Time Frames

Anyone with manager level permissions can easily build out your company’s time frame and tell your phone system what to do during those times. You can build out time frame for business hours and weekends, and then leave it alone. You don’t have to press certain buttons or mess around in the customer portal to turn your phone to a specific auto attendant when you are leaving work, the phones will automatically do it for you.

Unlimited Calling

CallHarbor gives you unlimited nationwide and Canada calling. We know that’s music to your ears if you have an intense call volume!

Uptime SLA

An SLA or a service level agreement is a document that outlines the standards of service which your provider offers to you as a customer. Uptime is the most important element here and it denotes the percentage of time the provider promises to be functioning. For example, most providers have 99%, 99.99%, and 99.999% uptime SLAs for their customers. CallHarbor guarantees a 99.99% service availability.


Enhanced Voicemail

Our enhanced voicemail service make it easier than even to check your voicemail. You can utilize our voicemail to email options and have your voice messages sent right to your email. You can also utilize voicemail transcription and have the text appear in your email as well. The days of calling into your number to check your voicemail are long gone.

Voicemail Sharing

With voicemail sharing, you can choose to add another email address onto your enhanced voicemail option. This is great to utilize if you have important voicemails coming in that you need to share with your supervisor, or if you have 2 different people on the sales line that need to know when a message comes in.

Text to Speech Functionality

Using text-to-speech is a great feature for creating simple, profession uniformity. You can use the text-to-speech option for your VoIP voicemail greeting, auto attendants, and more. We have a variety of voices to choose from, so you can pick which voice suits your business.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal is where your system is brought all together. You can access voicemails, messages, and all history. If you are a manager level user, you can also make changes to your system such as answering rules, auto attendants, and call recording options.

Call Center

We provide everything you will need to drive your inbound, outbound, or combined call center. Including in-depth fully customizable historic reports on agents, queues, and dialed numbers. Allowing call center managers to monitor, implement, and scale effectively.

Free On-site Training & Installation

This feature is a CallHarbor exclusive! We provide a dedicated on-boarding specialist and free on-site installation to make the implementation process as hands-off and worry-free for you as possible. From kick off to close out our team delivers, and is with you every step of the way. Our team will provide the personalized training you and your team need to get the most out of your new phone system. Whether you need help porting your old phone number, getting your voicemail setup, managing conference calls, or anything else, we will teach you everything you need to know!

24/7 US-based Support

We never outsource our support and you will always get a member of our direct support team when you call into our line. We always tell our customer that calling us for support is more like calling a friend for help. Our US-based support team is available for you whenever you
need us – included with all orders, at no extra charge. You can reach us by email, text message, call, or live chat.

Device as a Service

Our partnership with Yealink and Poly allow us to offer their VoIP phones with extended warranties, direct manufacturer support, and free upgrades anytime.