The CallHarbor Listen, Whisper, Barge feature, also known as call monitoring or Barge-Monitor-Whisper, is an included feature that allows office managers, supervisors, and team leads to monitor the phone conversations of an employee via the CallHarbor user portal.

Whether you are utilizing Listen, Whisper, Barge to ensure quality of customer service, to coach a new agent during a conversation, or to interrupt a call to step in, we give you the advanced functionality of a large call center, at the tip of your fingers.

Listen, Whisper, Barge Features

A third party such as an office manager, supervisor, or team lead can silently listen in on a call made by or answered by a CallHarbor user (such as an agent or employee) on a conversation with an external party (such as a customer or client). The third party cannot be heard by either of the people on the original party, and are unaware there is another party on the call.

A supervisor can silently monitor a call between an employee/agent and a customer, like Listen. They can also privately speak to the employee without the customer hearing what the supervisor is saying. This is one direction only audio from supervisor to agent. The customer will not hear the whisper from the supervisor, but both the supervisor and agent can hear the customer

A supervisor who is silently monitoring a call by using the listen or whisper feature can then decide to enter the conference bridge, joining what then becomes a full three-way conference call, where all three parties can hear each other and speak to each other.

8x8 Virtual Office Barge-Monitor-Whisper Fetaure Diagram

Example of Uses of Whisper, Listen, Barge

Supervisor: Supervisors can silently listen to their agents’ calls with customers or others to ensure high quality of service or sales is delivered, and barge in to calls when necessary as a 3-way conference call to rescue the conversation or assist.

Trainer: A trainer can listen in on calls handled by their trainees, coach them by using the whisper feature during a call, or simply discussing how they did after they’ve listened in on a conversation.

The Benefits

Use CallHarbor’s Listen, Whisper, Barge feature to:

  • Ensure professional quality of your team’s customer service or customer support.
  • Train new agents or employees in live time during a phone call.
  • Assist sales agents in negotiating a sales deal.
  • Enable receptionists, admins, or others to monitor conversation, and barge into calls for important interruptions.
  • Supervisors/managers can listen in on conversations and give the employee tips and reviews on how they did afterwards.