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The ability to go mobile for employees is less of a perk and more of a requirement these days. What used to be rare is now expected for people across the globe. Many companies conducted business as usual from the comfort of their home, or other remote location. Now, employees are wondering why it can’t continue. Some businesses have chosen to send employees back to the office, whether full-time, or flexibly. But, no matter your working solution, the CallHarbor mobile app will do your employees wonders. It provides flexible communication with colleagues, clients, and vendors.

The term “workplace” has become extremely fluid recently. Your place of work can be a set office, a home office, a hotel room, a Starbucks, and more! Working from laptops and mobile phones is increasingly popular, and necessary for many companies to keep up. We fully expect this trend to continue, as hybrid work continues to grow beyond the pandemic. This means that more than ever, workers need their devices to support them flexibly wherever they’re working from.

VoIP Mobile App & The Shift to Hybrid Work

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 75% of employees in the U.S. used their personal cell phones for work. As many as 65% giving out personal cell phone numbers to customers. It’s safe to assume that percentage has increased even more since most people began working from home.

With most employers provide desk phones to employees, why is the use of cell phones for business still so prevalent? It’s an easier and less bulky solution for people to use. It’s a familiar device that people are already utilizing so much during the day. Now, many people simply prefer it to an office phone.

As hybrid work grows, collaboration via mobile app grows with it. It’s important to give your employees an option to stay connected without sharing their personal number. They can easily reach colleagues, and even send SMS message to clients utilizing their business phone number, too. It’s all of the perks of using a personal device, with none of the personal.

Here are three key reasons to use the CallHarbor Mobile App:

The CallHarbor Mobile App is available for Apple & Android, and can be used to do so much more than call. The CallHarbor Mobile app allows you to take your business extension with you. You can place calls, receive calls, adjust answering rules, check voicemail, and send chat + SMS. You can also view the status of your other staff members right from your mobile phone. Simply login with your existing CallHarbor portal login and you will instantly be setup with your extension and personalized settings.

Text Messaging & Inner-Office Chat

Many customers like having the option to text a salesperson, whether it’s to ask a question or confirm an appointment. A great part about utilizing SMS and MMS with CallHarbor is that you can get started immediately. You don’t need any additional downloads or heavy integrations. Simply log in to our online portal and start communicating with your customers. SMS also works well on its own as a marketing channel, and it also works to enhance other channels such as email, social media or calling. Many businesses are finding that SMS is a good way to send appointment reminders, organize food pickup and delivery notices, and send event invitations and confirmations. It’s great way to provide your customers with a quick and easy customer service experience, while keeping the conversation on track and organized.

Team messaging is a big pillar of how many teams work together. It’s a foundation for a strong culture of collaboration. You can utilize inner-office right from our mobile app to stay in touch with coworkers easily and conveniently. Instead of paying for other services to chat, you can cut costs by utilizing our messaging that is included in your CallHarbor package.

Coworker Presence

Having a spread out team working remotely can pose some difficulties. Since you are not all in the same office space, you don’t know if your coworkers are on a call, away from their desk, or taking lunch. Presence statuses show you which of your coworkers are available or unavailable—an invaluable feature when you are working remotely. It’s an underrated feature that keeps calls organized, and gives a little extra feeling of being together.

On the CallHarbor Mobile App, a user’s icon will automatically turn red when they’re on a call, show green if they are not on a call, and display gray or not filled in when they are offline. You also have the option of writing a status message, so if you out to lunch or going to be away from your desk for a while, you can let your coworkers know and they can avoid sending calls your way. This makes things so much simpler and better organized rather than trying to forward to cell phones and not know where the call will end up.

Inbound/Outbound Calling Utilizing Business Phone Number

Having the simple ability to receive and place calls utilizing your business phone number on your mobile phone is big enough of a perk in itself to convince you to utilize the CallHarbor Mobile App. Employees can truly go mobile without having to be tied down to a desk, or a physical wired device. You can even set up your Answering Rules to ring your desk phone, for example, 4 times before it begins ringing your Mobile App. Even if you’re in the vicinity of your desk phone, you still don’t have to be tied to it. Making calls to colleagues, clients, and partners without having to share your personal information or cell phone number makes sure that you keep things professional.

You also have the option to adjust settings to use either WiFi or mobile data to conduct calling. So you won’t use up any data if you are on WiFi, but you also have the option to continue to use it on the go!