Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is quickly becoming an essential business model in the retail sector. It helps companies streamline internal communications along with external engagement to stay on top of important business aspects, such as staffing efforts and customer service. According to a Walker study, as many as 86% of retail customers said they would pay more for products if they received a better customer experience. UCaaS can help make this happen. The following are just a few benefits UCaaS can have for retailers.

Retail industry UCaaS

1. Integrated communications

Retailers need to consistently communicate to the public about what they do and what they sell. With a fragmented communications structure, it’s nearly impossible to do this, making it difficult for companies to reach their business goals and maintain a strong brand presence. UCaaS ensures that retail employees collaborate internally and coordinate more efficient and profitable interactions with the public and potential customers.

From incorporating voice, messaging, and video & mobile technology, retailers can create a better overall experience for both team members and customers. This collaboration secures a more unified message that allows for on-the-go operations, increased brand clarity, and enhanced productivity.

2. Reduced costs and improved scalability

The cloud is the future of communications, especially for the retail industry. Cloud technology for retail can help businesses facing limited budgets, multiple locations, and continuous technological maintenance & upgrades. Upfront technology is no longer an issue with UCaaS as it would be with an on-premises solution. Instead, you pay a certain amount per user while providing constant collaboration with team members and customers. Additionally, many retailers have seen monthly phone charges reduced by 30% to 40% after switching to cloud-based telephony, as it eliminates toll and long-distance charges.

Retail industry UCaaS

3. More flexible work arrangements

Ever since the pandemic began, many retailers have relied on remote or hybrid workers to perform service and support tasks after seeing a multitude of benefits. UCaaS makes it possible for these companies to operate with more support agents, whether reps are local or off-site, allowing for a much-needed coordinated approach and more constructive communication.

A team of talented employees utilizing the most progressive and beneficial communications system creates a major competitive advantage for a retailer. Taking advantage of UCaaS proves that retailers can successfully still conduct their daily business operations, even if it isn’t happening in their brick and mortar locations.

Retail industry UCaaS

Switching to a UCaaS platform can undoubtedly help retailers streamline communication and cut costs, while giving customers a better experience and increasing brand awareness. By making the switch to an all-in-one communication system, retailers will surely see a boost in efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and overall improvements that will help save money and increase future profits.