You might not know it, but you’re likely already using communications from the Cloud, also known as UCaaS, on a daily basis.  UCaaS is an approach to communications technology that involves combining many different communication methods into one platform. These methods can include voice over internet protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, instant messaging, email and more. The platform resides in the cloud and combines these technologies into a single interface accessible from any desk phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. These days, it’s the preferred business communications solution and is being used by more and more businesses.

It’s become a known fact that the future of modern business communication is cloud-based. With the easy accessibility of the internet, cloud-based phone systems are a more cost-effective option for businesses. The UCaaS market is predicted to hit $24.8 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.5% during the forecast period (BusinessWire).

UCaaS - Unified Communications as a Service

A Crucial Feature: Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a business communications must-have in recent years. With a UCaaS solution, meetings and video conferencing can happen with much more ease and efficiency. It enables you to assign and track tasks, share documents, and makes sure your team continues to communicate outside of meetings with ongoing messaging. The audio component of the video feed is hosted via VoIP telephony. Video conferencing often features a call recording function, allowing users to save and share the video with others. Video recording is included once you’ve purchase your basic video package through CallHarbor.

UCaaS solutions give you the possibility of virtually linking up with just one other person, or having a multi-participant call, no matter where your current location is. Video collaboration is made easy with UCaaS, whether your team is in the same room or in different countries.

Video conferencing feature

The Future of Business Communication: SMS & MMS

CallHarbor’s UCaaS platform also includes business SMS and MMS, so teams can stay connected and text without having to give out their personal cell phone number. You can do this from any of your devices. SMS messages can help your team engage in real-time chat remotely, and it’s great for quick reminders, briefings, and maintaining overall communication throughout the day.

Messaging is also an excellent way to not only provide customer support, but also improve customer experiences. Your company can communicate with its customers on their preferred channel to excel the customer experience. The number of clients who prefer text-based communication is rapidly growing, as it is more efficient and convenient than calling or emailing. SMS is here to stay!

SMS and MMS text messaging

On the Go, All the Time: Mobility

It’s clear that the demand for mobility is rising, especially with so many people working from home these days. With a reliable UCaaS solution such as CallHarbor, you can rest assured knowing that mobility remains a part of your business strategy. For instance, the cloud will ensure that your teams can tap into the tools they need through applications for their tablets and smartphones.

Unified Communications increase mobility by offering tools that allow calls to be taken on a desk phone or web-softphone and transferred to a mobile phone or device – to continue a conference call while travelling to another location. 

From a business perspective, the ability to utilize this mobility opens up a more efficient and productive work environment. Teams can stay in touch multiple ways, from wherever they are. Employees can work wherever they are most comfortable and most productive. Clients can get questions answered whenever they need them. What more can a business ask for?!

More and more businesses and organizations see this mobility as a factor in succeeding in their industries. Its becoming a fact that to stay competitive, you need to have a flexible business phone system that moves with you. The recent T-Mobile Mobility Trends Report showed that 7 in 10 enterprises cite mobility as a priority, as it can help them gain competitive advantage (Mobility Trends).

Mobility features

To Sum It Up

Through the cloud, UCaaS simplifies the deployment and management of communication strategies. There’s no need for a large in-house IT team to get started, as all of your support comes from the back-end. With CallHarbor, you don’t even have to worry about a monthly service fee.

With UCaaS, companies unlock the opportunity to integrate multiple communication strategies through a single, simplified cloud system. You can connect everything from your video conferencing to your enterprise voicemail, totally seamlessly.

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