UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, is just one of the many “as a service” models to emerge in the marketplace in recent years, growing alongside cloud computing. Through the cloud, UCaaS simplifies the deployment and management of communication strategies. There’s no need for a large in-house IT team to get started, as all of your support comes from the back-end – and with CallHarbor, you don’t even have to worry about a monthly service fee. With UCaaS, companies unlock the opportunity to integrate multiple communication strategies through a single, simplified cloud system. You can connect everything from your video conferencing to your enterprise voicemail. What’s more, you can also make sure that everyone in your team has access to the same tools – regardless of where they are. UCaaS offers scalability and flexibility in a world that demands companies to be agile.

UCaaS is our secret to allowing our clients to work from anywhere. By having all of your tools on one single, easy to access platform, it gives you the freedom to move. UCaaS is a great step forward in communications for the digitally transforming landscape. According to Markets and Markets, by 2021 the adoption of UCaaS among small to mid-sized businesses will double. This growth is being driven by everything from increasing demand for mobile, to the need to deliver better customer services, to the necessity of having all of their apps on one simple system or platform.

Taking a pure cloud approach with a solution such as UCaaS make it possible to provide a more complete, connected environment for your company. By simplifying and going into a single platform, you can make life easier by eliminating all the confusion and starting a collaboration centered strategy that works well in every environment.

Don’t Just Communicate, Collaborate.

UCaaS and collaboration are two terms that go hand in hand. By deploying a UCaaS system to your business, you are also deploying collaboration tools that will help fuel business growth. UCaaS helps “make the world smaller” by making it easier to communicate and collaborate from place to place. While domestic and international travel is a staple of conducting business interactions and transactions for many companies, the need for it has been reduced due to travel budgets and the availability of UCaaS tools. Unified Communications solutions allow business meetings to take place through a variety of means, jumping the fence of geographical boundaries and travel budgets. Employees across corporate retail branches have the capability to share dedicated lines and voicemail to act as a single presence to their customers and collaborate with one another. UCaaS solutions help to build and grow your organization, while also saving you time and money, increasing efficiencies and profits.

UCaaS increases mobility, by offering tools that allow calls to be taken on a desk phone or web-softphone and transferred to a mobile phone or device – to continue a conference call while travelling to another location. With WiFi availability being prevent in most areas, even in today’s vehicles, UCaaS products also enable remote users to attend a video or web conference while waiting in line at the Starbucks drive-thru, or in the pick-up line at school. With UCaaS and collaboration products making the work day much more flexible and providing communication tools that work 24/7, companies can conduct more business – across more time zones and more work shifts – resulting in an increase in closed deals, business sales, and customer service.

UCaaS can help your business achieve world-class customer support. The majority of business owners would agree that handling customer issues in a timely and effective manner is the main goal of any business’ customer service department. To accomplish this goal, companies require tools that can increase issue resolution. UCaaS contact center solutions – like CallHarbor’s fully unified call center – help to meet this goal by giving qualified agents access to real-time chat, email and voice. Organizations can also take advantage of the monitoring, custom dashboards and reporting tools offered in UCaaS solutions that provide the data necessary to increase customer satisfaction.

The ways that UCaaS and collaboration can come together to grow your business or organization are abundant. UCaaS can turn a global workforce into one easy to reach team, supporting a spread out customer-base on a unified platform. It can also give you continually growing mobile workforce with the tools necessary to work more efficiently. Using UCaaS guarantees that your company is ready to directly interface with customers, granting your employees with communication tools aimed at 100% customer satisfaction.