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Reflecting on the past year, we’ve been able to see a huge adoption of remote work technology. Across all types of organizations and industries, remote work technology is shaping how well companies can do business during unprecedented times. Though there are many options for remote work platforms, many businesses still rely on multiple tools from multiple vendors. 75% of office workers have used at least two new technology types for work. But employees can’t do their best work when their focus is scattered across several different apps, 22 separate chatroom conversations, and a to-do list that they can never complete. We’re going to take a look at how unified communications can solve this issue.

Working from home has put a bit of pressure on productivity. It has also emphasized the need for fewer tools that do more. Instead of learning another tool, what if workers had all their communication tools intelligently brought together in one place? They could chat instantly with co-workers, make high-quality phone calls, and securely join video meetings. An ever better dream would be if they could do this all from a browser of their choice on any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. No need to download any software or applications. This dream is absolutely a possibility if your business switches to CallHarbor’s fully unified communications platform.

One spot for all your communication needs

CallHarbor UCaaS platform transforms any browser into a robust communications workspace. Our platform brings all essential business communications together. It’s a fact that switching between separate communication apps interrupts workflows. This impacts the user’s focus, and can cause less productivity in the workplace. Our fully integrated platform cut out the switching from app to app, so users can communicate and collaborate more fluidly. Your team will be able to quickly move from a chat message, to a phone call, to joining a video meeting smoothly. We make it easy to manage the daily tasks and get more done.

Integrated features of unified communications keep users productive

CallHarbor’s UCaaS platform incorporates all the communication needs in one easy spot. Users can see colleagues’ real-time presence status and start a collaboration session in a private or group chat, making it easier for everyone in a group to stay on the same page. Users can make and receive high-quality and reliable phone calls right from their browsers. Businesses utilizing CallHarbor’s platform benefit from auto-attendants, voicemail, unlimited calling, call recording, and more. Anyone can easily manage users through an intuitive administration console with tiered user access. Managers can instantly view live, rich analytic reports that offer valuable insights into their remote workforce.

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Today’s collaboration-centric workers prefer video meeting and screen-sharing, which surfaced as essential remote working requirements during the pandemic. For remote work models to succeed, organizations need to maintain security and compliance for their users and data. With CallHarbor, remote users can connect securely face-to-face in video meetings with up to 250 participants. Advanced moderation controls give meeting hosts greater control over sessions.