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When we tell our customers how easy it is to manage their phone system, they seem hesitant. “We don’t have anyone in our office who knows how to manage a business phone system.” or “We don’t have anyone with that kind of technological experience.” We always tell our customers two things. The first is that you don’t ever have to log into your customer portal if you don’t want to. Any of the changes that need to be made can be made by our support team instead! If you don’t feel comfortable making changes to your system, you can always call, email, or live chat us and we will do it for you in real time. The second thing is that our system is extremely user friendly. Once we show our customers inside the portal, almost always they explain that it is much simpler than they imagined. For such an extensive, feature-rich platform, we truly pride ourselves on how user friendly our business phone system is. In this blog post we’ll show you just how simple our system can be to navigate and manage, even without tech experience.

What is the user portal?

CallHarbor has a customer-centric, easy-to-use web dashboard for all customers. You can access, configure, and maintain your entire system from one place. Everything from editing users, seeing analytics, and making changes to an auto attendant is just one click away.

You can do things like:
– Edit users, locations, and phone buttons
– View call records and detailed reports & analytics
– View call recordings and download or share them
– Enable or disable features for individuals & groups
– Change auto attendant buttons
– Add or edit call queues
– Turn on voicemail transcriptions & toggle preferences
– Add a new voicemail or greeting

When you become a customer of CallHarbor, you can make the choice to set different permission levels for user accesses. This means that you can decide if only specific employees gain access to make changes to things such as auto attendants and call queues. If an employee’s permission level goes down to a basic user you can choose to only give them access to their own voicemails, messages, and call history.

If you have access to make changes to the system, when you log in you will see this easy to use tool bar:

The different sections within the portal are built to be simple and easy to use. Once inside the portal, you can begin to make changes on your own. You can also start a live chat with a support team member if you need any help or guidance.

From within the portal you can also access our knowledge base, which is a great source. In the knowledge base, you’ll find articles which lay out how to make changes within the portal, and how to access specific information. Our articles include screenshots from the portal so you can see specific buttons and wording, and make it easy for anyone to follow along. Some of the articles include How do I send and view SMS in the portal? How Do I set Hold music? How do I record a new Intro Greeting or Menu Prompt? and many more.