VoIP is what CallHarbor does best. We know everything unified communications. VoIP phone systems can truly improve your business processes by simplifying your business workflow and giving your employees mobility and flexibility. You no longer have to settle for the same old strategies, software, and approach.

Hosted VoIP phone systems give you advanced features without expensive setup and maintenance costs. So, exactly how easy is it to make the switch to VoIP? For starters, you’ll need to do research and find a VoIP provider. Luckily, you’ve stumbled across the blog of a fabulous VoIP provider! You also need an internet connection good enough to support your VoIP setup. Although many people mistake the amount of bandwidth used, VoIP uses much less bandwidth than you’d think. In fact, talking on a VoIP call for an hour uses less bandwidth than surfing the net for an hour. (Check out our blog post Common VoIP Concerns – Debunked)

Plan the Switch

Previously, switching your traditional phone system to Voice over IP was a hassle. Luckily with the improvement of technology comes the increase of ease. If you are the manager or IT team, you should send out a message to your team that will be utilizing the new VoIP technology and let them know that a change is coming. If you switch to CallHarbor, we even come on-site and give you free installation and free training for you and your entire team. You’ll be learning from the experts, so you’ll have a hassle free transition. Although getting all new hardware and new logins etc. seems like a significant switch, it really isn’t overwhelming at all. You are in good hands.

Internet Connection & Network

VoIP technology means that your voice data goes over the internet to telephone networks. You do need a fast and stable internet connection for your VoIP hardware to work correctly and to utilize all of your fruitful features. Fortunately we haven’t seen internet speed be an issue when installing our VoIP setup in a long time, since basic internet packages and plans are well above what your business needs to utilize our system.

The Right VoIP Provider

Finding the right VoIP provider for you is, of course, the most important aspect of making the switch. CallHarbor specializes in unified business communication solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Most small and even medium sized businesses aren’t prepared to spend big bucks just to get started with VoIP. With our cloud solution, you won’t have to. Our fair prices include 25+ features. We don’t have tiered plans, we just have our one plan that works for businesses of all industries and all sizes.

We feature full inbound call center functionality. You can easily gather detailed statistics on your agents calls, monitor service level statistics, as well as receive detailed email reports. CallHarbor also features unlimited domestic and long distance calling. With some of the lowest cost rates on international and toll free calling. You no longer will have to worry about large overages and an ever changing bill. You’ll always know what to expect when your monthly bill hits.

We are leaders in unified communications. CallHarbor features an industry leading mobile app, web-soft phone, video calling, chat, and SMS. You will no longer need multiple platforms for business communication.

The Features

Once you’ve decided on a provider, you should implement essential business phone features. Without these features, your new VoIP phone system might only make or receive phone calls. Making sure your new VoIP provider has all the correct features as part of your standard package is key. You don’t want to get stuck paying insane add-on fees for features that you could be getting free of charge elsewhere.

Answering Rules

Our answering rules include much more than just your typical call forwarding. It’s a convenient and useful tool, that can be easily accessed from your CallHarbor web portal. You can set up specific time frames to screen or forward calls, you can choose options such as active, busy, offline, and unanswered, and give a specific phone number to forward to, such as a fellow employee’s extension, your cell phone, or a separate number. You can also set up simultaneous ringing, so that your customers are always getting quick proper service.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant is an interactive menu that allows caller to select their reason for calling without needing to have the call screened by a receptionist. This saves you time and money, and also makes sure your customer is getting connected to the correct person.

Think of auto attendants as a virtual receptionist, rather than reaching a receptionist and explaining the reason for calling in order to be transferred, a recording is played for the caller and a selection is made based on the menu options given. Our auto attendants can have up to 11 different menu options that are associated with 0-9 and *. Auto attendants can also be set up to do a specific action, if no option is chosen or an unassigned key is pressed, such as staying on the line to speak to a representative or repeat the recording.

Call Queuing

Customers hate busy signals more than hold music or ringback tones. If they can’t reach your customer service, they might give up on trying. Call queuing, also known as call waiting, always keeps your line open.Callers wait for their turn; the line connects when your agent is next available. On your portal, you can also set up call parking lots, and pick up a call that is in park.

Conference Bridging

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP is the ability to host conference calls for free. This eliminates long-distance calling expenses and improves collaboration. Before you can use conference calling, you have to set up a conference bridge. CallHarbor includes conference bridging in your plan cost, making it even easier to collaborate. You’re not forking out expensive charges to enable video conferencing.

Along with hosting your business conference meeting, you also receive free reporting, and can utilize your business telephone number.

Extension Dialing

With extensions, you can create a unique number for every agent or team in your business. Your customers can call the right department directly when they call your main line, or toll-free number. It’s crucial to set up extensions when going live so employees can easily transfer calls. Plus, customers can fast-track their way to the right staff when they call.

Mobile App

Our full featured mobile app is included with every system. You may check your voicemail on the go, make calls utilizing your office number, or adjust how your calls flow to your desk phone. No longer are you locked down to the office – making your mobility and flexibility a strong point.

Web Portal

CallHarbor has an industry leading management and user panel included with all of our hosted VoIP offerings. Our panel allows you to track calls, listen to recordings, adjust auto-attendants, adjust queues, manipulate call routing, listen to voicemails and more. The panel also functions outside of your office so you can adjust and monitor on the go.

Choose Your Hardware

The next step is figuring out which VoIP hardware will be the best option for your office. With CallHarbor, you also use VoIP apps to handle voice calls from your computer, smartphone, or any other mobile device. This means that your Android device or iPhone can basically become part of of the hardware.

CallHarbor offers the best phones in the industry from Yealink and Polycom. We have wired hardware, cordless hardware, WiFi capable, and conference bridges.

Training & Installation

Our knowledgeable staff will do a free on-site installation along with a training session for your entire staff. Once you’ve done your research and choose us, your work is done. You can sit back and relax, and let us do the work. Along with our training session, we will always be available 24/7 just in case you have any questions or concerns. We care about our customers, and want to make you feel like family.

Are you ready to make the easy switch to VoIP? Visit CallHarbor.com or call 833-363-VOIP to speak to an agent.