When you think of a desk phone, you normally think of the standard office phone with one to two lines, that is stuck at a specific desk for use. Many desk phones can only be used in one place, and the user of that phone or extension is only able to be reached where that phone has been installed. This is an outdated view, and with CallHarbor’s platform paired with one of our many hardware offerings, you don’t have to worry about being tied to a specific desk to be reachable.

Pairing the right hardware with the right platform can truly unlock many capabilities of utilization of your service. In this blog post we are discussing how to optimize that utilization of CallHarbor with a desk phone.  CallHarbor offers great desk hardware options, and has a premium platform that can support you, and still operate when being moved around to different locations.

Outage Avoidance

In the event of an outage, employees are able to take their CallHarbor desktop phone from the office and bring it to their homes. By simply plugging it into the wall with a power adaptor and connecting it to the internet either via wi-fi or ethernet, that phone will be up and running. Your desk phone can offer the same great features and reliability at home that you get at the office with your CallHarbor service. Sometimes issues arise, especially depending on where you live and the type of weather you experience, there can be power and internet issues at your office building, breaking that line of communication between coworkers and customers. Between CallHarbor’s flexible services, and our great desk hardware offerings, this no longer has to be an issue. Employees can take advantage of the flexibility provided by CallHarbor and move their phones somewhere they are able to continue their work uninterrupted. Continue to stay connected with your clients even amidst outages and weather warnings.

Pictured: Yealink T54W with a Yealink power adapter to plug the phone into any outlet and power the phone over any WiFi network.

Another way to utilize flexibility and reliability using your CallHarbor desk phone is to take advantage of some of the features our platform offers. Features like Answering Rules and Call Forwarding are here to make your life easier and provide flexibility with the hardware you have. If the desk phone is the primary way you are using CallHarbor then working to build these features out will save you time and missed connections in the event you are unable to use your desk phone. 

With CallHarbor, you can forward calls from your desk phone to any other phone number or device, such as your mobile phone. This means you can stay connected even when you’re not at your desk or an issue arises keeping you from being able to use your desk phone. 

Answering rules are a set of predefined instructions that determine how incoming calls are handled. When used with a desk phone, answering rules that allow multiple devices to ring at once can be very beneficial. Answering rules that allow multiple devices to ring at once can be very beneficial when using a desk phone. They increase availability, improve responsiveness, increase flexibility, and reduce downtime, all of which can help you stay productive and efficient in your work.

These features paired together make for a reliable and mobile work phone experience even when opting to use traditional hardware like a desk phone. CallHarbor’s features like call forwarding and answering rules paired with the ability to take your phone anywhere give you options and flexibility to decide how and where you utilize your hardware. 

For help connecting your phone to WiFi you can always check out our YouTube, or feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any questions.

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