The Use of Automation is Growing

The use of automation in businesses is growing. Findings by McKinsey say that more companies are pursuing automation now than two years ago. Each year, the yearn for automation gets deeper. Two-thirds of the respondents say that their organizations are at least piloting the automation of business processes in one or more business units or functions. Automation in your business communication system directly affects factors such as customer experience, employee talent, retention rates, and in turn – revenue.

Automation in UCaaS

Applying automation to UCaaS can help your team stay organized, and can save time while doing it. From automating when your phones ring and what message plays, to automating wrap up times and call recording. By automating processes in your communication system, you leave less room for error. Spend less time making changes to your system, and spend more time taking care of your business.

Timeframe Automation

Utilizing timeframes to automate how your phone system acts is an easy way to keep your system organized. Instead of having to remember to change answering rules or set your phones to “night mode,” your system will simply transition throughout timeframes on its own. This gives you the assurance you need to know calls will be routed and answered as they should be.

Customers will get the correct auto attendant every time, and call queues will only be open and reachable when they are supposed to be. Having these features set in stone during certain hours means your customers will have a flawless experience. They won’t have to sit in a queue where no one is going to answer, they won’t press 2 to reach an operator when there is no one working, and they won’t have to wait to leave a voicemail to ask for directions when they can press 3 to hear hours & location.

Use timeframes to automate auto attendants, business hours, out of office & vacation messages, holidays, and more.

Call Center Automation

Using automation within your call center will leave less room for human error, and will allow you to utilize automated features that has heighten your customer experience & satisfaction. Taking a deep dive into the analytics & reporting of your call center helps you to analyze your call center capabilities, review how satisfied customers are with interactions, and find where your call center is lacking or needs more support.

Systems that allow you to automate dynamic reporting & analytics make sure that you’re always informed when it comes to your call center. Noticing any hiccups right away is crucial when it comes to the customer experience. Set up automated alerts if your wait time gets too long, or if your queues are too full.

Automating your call center includes options for call center agents too. This means that you can automate details for each agent, such as wrap up time, how many calls they can handle, call recording, and more. This makes it easy to cater and adjust to each agent, instead of having a one size fits all model.

Why Automation Matters

Automation can make a big difference in how your customer feel when they call into your business. It gives a professional look, saves time, heightens your agents’ capabilities, and allows for easier management & monitoring.

Agent Capabilities

Giving agents automated setting such as wrap up time + call limits will help them succeed in the call center. By allowing automation to be customized per agent, you can play to each agent’s strengths and ensure everyone is set up for success. When agents are given proper limits, the customers they interact with are going to be better taken care of, thus becoming a more satisfied customer due to higher customer experience.

Time Savings

Save time by automating processes within call centers, sales, support, and even internal communication. By mitigating how much manual work you have to do in between calls, before & after you log in, and throughout the day in general, you give everyone some of their time back to utilize in whichever way they need – whether it’s making an extra sales call, closing an extra ticket, or sending an extra document.

Easy Monitoring

Easily automate monitoring features such as call recording, call center stats that come to your email, and more. By automating your reporting & call monitoring, you don’t have to take an extra step to see the health of your call center. Keeping up with the trends of your call center will allow you to make changes as needed, or use that information for further training.

CX & Retention

66% of B2B companies stopped doing business with a company after one bad experience. This is why the customer experience is crucial when it comes to the success of a company. Automation and Integrations can up Customer Experience scores by making their experience easier and smoother. By upping CX scores, you’ll be able to better retain your customer base, thus becoming a healthier company financially.

Integrations + Automation

Desktop CRM Integration including:

  • Click-to-dial
  • Presence/BLF
  • Address book
  • Call History
  • Recent calls
  • Missed calls
  • Call control
  • Preview window
  • Microsoft & Google Contacts Integration
  • Busy light support
  • App bar
  • Microsoft teams status integration
  • Integrated Softphone
  • CRM Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration including:

  • Calling direct from Team desktop/mobile
  • Capability to control calls
  • See CallHarbor portal inside Team window
  • Maintain call forwarding/answering rules
  • Receive voicemail notifications
  • and more…

Physical Integrations

Providing different physical integrations can also up Customer Experience. Integrations with devices such as door calls, paging systems, and audio/visual alerters give your team a one-up on the competition.

Door Calls
Outdoor-rated intercoms with wideband audio for intelligible speech. Secure Door Entry with relay output for door/gate access control. Release doors from anywhere – even out of the office.

Paging Systems/Speakers
Paging adapters seamlessly bridge IP environments to legacy paging systems & eliminate complexity in paging environments. Ensuring effective communication with simplified configuration.

Audio/Visual Alerters
IP Strobe Lights deliver highly notable visual alerting for telephone ring detection, safety, security, and emergency notification. Assures key notification in noisy environments.