Communication In the modern world we live in comes in many different forms, such as email, text, and phone calls. When used effectively, communication is a pillar within your business. From your team’s communication to the communication with your customers and clients, seamless and dependable communication is a necessity for any business to excel. When communication is efficient and effective it can foster good working relationships, improve morale, and most importantly, revenue.

Internal Communications

From an internal standpoint, the quality and efficiency of your communications can help support and drive your employees. This communication can build a positive atmosphere, where communication and information can be shared easily and effectively. This helps eliminate losing tidbits of information between team members, reducing error and improving operations within. In return, your team internally will be motivated and prepared for supporting your business aspirations. 

Benefits from effective communication for your team include:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Reduced email overload
  • Productivity amongst employees
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Overall customer satisfaction and retention

These benefits will not only support your employees but the strength and efficiency of your employees will go on to support and excel projections and competency when representing your business.

Examples of CallHarbor internal communication routes:

  • Extension to extension dialing
  • Paging phones
  • Overhead paging
  • SMS/MMS via mobile app or web softphone
  • Chat messaging via mobile app or web softphone

External Communications

From a business perspective the communications you and your employees are having with your customers will serve as a lifeline to your business and overall profitability. The support and knowledge of your employees play a great factor in these communications. The customer service and efficiency of your communications shared with customers, partners, leads and others sources of revenue will be key when communicating on behalf of your business. The goal of effective customer communication is to prove to your customers and clients that you are reliable and available for them, which fosters trust, furthers relationships and turns customers into lifelong revenue. Efficient communication can allow for feedback and room for improvement. Overall these key factors can lead to your business being able to anticipate the needs of your customers, which can contribute to a company’s positive reputation and growth. 

Key benefits for your business when using successful communication includes:

  • Earning the trust of your customers
  • Ensuring transparency and reliability
  • Gaining recognition and referrals
  • Reinforcing your brand message and mission
  • Connecting you with a stream of continuous revenue

CallHarbor Ensures Reliability 

CallHarbor strives to make sure reliability and availability are at the forefront of our mission. We understand the importance of being available for your customers when they need you. With three redundant geographical locations, we have the capability to assure you that your communications remain uninterrupted – keeping you ready to handle your needs, whether internal or external. With zero outages in the last 7+ years and zero downtime for upgrades, you will always be available to the lifeline of your business. 

Importance of Business Communication

The importance of successful business communication whether internal or external is a key contributing factor to the overall success of your business, and can really take your business to new levels. When communicating with your team or customers, both new and old, your communication style and platform are key roles. The communication platform you use should be considered highly important, as we now know this can make or break your business. Platform reliability and efficiency can foster and support ongoing communication and take your business communication to the next level. CallHarbor is award winning in customer service and platform performance, and we understand and value the importance of giving people the right tools to succeed. Businesses big and small can benefit from the reliability and professionalism guaranteed by CallHarbor. If you want to bring your business great success in supporting your employees and business relationships while using a successful, reliable and customized business solution Callharbor is here to support you.


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