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Many companies did an overhaul of their telephony equipment when the world switched to remote work. Many companies, however, had their remote workers utilize personal numbers, or take home bulky equipment. For companies that did the latter, they are now returning to the office with outdated hardware. As businesses return to the office as more employees become vaccinated, it’s the perfect time for a telephony overhaul. Getting rid of their outdated equipment as office workers start filing in makes the most sense. If you are utilizing a POTS (plain old telephone service) line, you should be doing an overhaul of your telephony equipment every 5 years anyways! But, with CallHarbor, it doesn’t have to be a pricy switch.

Hybrid Work Telephony Solutions

When coming back from a remote working solution, workers have to get used to being in the office again. While your employees are dealing with a change, it’s an easy time to introduce a new solution that will make their lives easier. Maybe employees were using their mobile phones as “work phones” during the pandemic. At this point, they’re used to utilizing it. Having that familiarity will make it an even easier adjustment with things such as the CallHarbor Mobile App.

Of the 476 firms that analyst Metergy surveyed for its Workplace Collaboration: 2021-2022 report, over 47 percent reported a decline in phone system utilization in 2020, with 17 percent of those shifting to mobile phones, and 26.7 percent moving to meetings apps. Desktop phone systems are surviving through 2021, with 25.8 percent of firms increasing their desktop phone deployments and just six percent planning to remove them altogether by the end of this year. 

Another popular resource has been Microsoft Teams. During the pandemic, it offered a quick and easy was for teams to connect. No hardware deployment was necessary, and leaders could subscribe to it quickly. Its integration with the ever-popular Office 365 didn’t hurt, either. CallHarbor has noticed this boom. Even though many companies are wanting to do a telephony overhaul when they head back into the office, they want the integrations that they’re used to. CallHarbor now offers an integration with Microsoft Teams that gives customers the best of both worlds.

Return to Office

Even with solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the return to office offers a opportunity to make a switch. Employees are back in their workspace with access to conference rooms, in-person meetings, and easy click to dial extensions.

CallHarbor can help your team succeed by supplying conferencing solutions and easy to use hardware. Employees coming back into the office are looking again for a new normal. They don’t want to come back to old solutions that didn’t work, and use outdated hardware from years ago. Bringing the teams back to the office is truly the perfect time for a telephony overhaul.

“Companies need to look at this next phase with the return to the office. They need to give staff access to technology that can help them succeed. Technology such as VoIP conferencing solutions, web softphones, mobile apps, and easy to use hardware. With teams being a mix of remote and in-person, video solutions need to be consistent, and phones need to have the ability to route and re-route, to make sure the customer is still getting a seamless experience as well.”

Bailey Terrell – Channel Sales Manager, CallHarbor

Integrations + Success Through Familiarity

Having an integrating solution can solve a siloed environment. One complaint that companies have when making the return to the office is the confusing communication. Some teams are still using chat groups, video calls, and solutions such as Teams. Other teams are using desk phones, in-person meetings, and mobile apps. Companies making that return need to make sure their telephony solution is ready for both types of teams. Utilizing a solution like CallHarbor that is vastly integrated with some of the best solutions allows interoperability. Employees can grab incoming calls through their desk phone, their mobile app, their web softphone, or their Teams dialer with no issues.