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Modern Cloud Communications are a way to keep your team connected and keep your customers happy. With cloud communications, it’s be a breeze for your company to reliably connect and communicate internally & externally. Keep in touch with employees and clients from anything, utilizing different devices, desktops, meeting rooms, and more. Utilizing modern cloud communications such as CallHarbor enables your team to collaborate instantly. Talk and collaborate over voice, video, and messaging, both in the office and working remotely. There are some important requirements you should look for in a modern cloud communications solution. We’re going to take a look at those requirements, and show you how CallHarbor fits the profile.

CallHarbor offers a UCaaS platform so that customers can have an all inclusive solution. Instead of getting different solutions from multiple vendors, you can have everything under one umbrella. When utilizing a modern cloud communications platform, your company needs to make sure it has specific qualities. With so many different providers out there, you shouldn’t be settling for less! 4 important requirements that your cloud solution should meet are: agile, scalable, intelligent, and reliable. Let’s take a look at these 4 qualities.

An Agile + Flexible Solution

Having an agile solution means many things. Above all, it means that employees have the flexibility to work from wherever they need to be. A company that has the ability to allow their employees flexibility, should. With the CallHarbor solution, you can utilize your business phone number in the office, at home, at a hotel, or on the go. With endless options and multi-device support, you can be your most productive self. Our web softphone and mobile app give employees the capability to take their business line wherever they are at. Our premiere hardware solutions allow workers to utilize their WiFi + Bluetooth capable phones from anywhere that has an internet connection. An excellent modern cloud communications platform will give your employees the right tools to stay engaged.

Scalable Modern Cloud Communications

Having a scalable solution means you never have to be punished for growing. You won’t have lengthy phones calls, re-set contracts, or pricey fees when you add onto your solution. Scalable solutions make it easy to go through new onboardings, update user permissions, add to call queues and auto-attendants, and more. Our team makes the transition of adding a new extension an absolute breeze. At CallHarbor, we can even pre-configure devices to have them ready for your new onboardings! To add to your account, you simply reach out to our support team via email and let them know what you want to add onto your account. Whether it’s 5 new hires, 1 new hire, or even a new conference phone, we’ve got you covered.

Intelligent Reporting + Analytics

Data knows no boundaries in today’s working world. You can gain so much from having an intelligent and simple reporting and analytics platform. We make all of your report easy to understand and easy to access. From the start of the customer’s call, to recorded conversations, to looking at abandoned calls and outbound attempts, whatever your company needs to see, we can get you. You won’t have to try to mash together complicated reports, you can easily have CallHarbor reports sent right to your email. Customers and companies alike will benefit from being able to track and have record of their system. The value your company can get for quality assurance, staffing, training, and more, is right at your fingertips.

Reliable Modern Cloud Communications For Your Business

Uptime is everything. When looking for a modern cloud communications platform, you need to know they’ll have your back. CallHarbor promises you 99.99% uptime. Between our three geo-redundant and network redundant points of presence, we have had zero full service outages in 5+ years. Our service level is unmatched, and that’s what your business deserves.