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Most companies had projected an ordinary, standard start of the decade in 2020. They assumed there would be a normal, steady rate of growth in technology and remote work. Of course, COVID-19 caused those numbers to absolutely sky rocket. Remote work went from perk to necessary very quickly. Now, companies are looking at what the office is going to look like as businesses slowly begin their safe return. A big part of keeping a successful and fluid remote work status is utilizing a unified communications (UC) suite. By utilizing the same easy to access suite for phone, SMS, video, chat, and analytics, your remote work team will feel connected and confident.

Expanding & strengthening remote work

One thing we know for sure is that remote work is here to stay. Whether it’s fully remote or hybrid approach, what was once a temporary fix is becoming permanent. The past year and half has shown just how affective and productive remote work can be – and now, employees everywhere don’t want to let the perk go.

Allowing employees to work remotely isn’t the difficult part of the switch. Ensuring that they have the capabilities and resources to be as productive as they would be in the office is the true challenge. UC is critical to remote work solutions in many ways. It allows remote teams to facilitate collaboration from anywhere, or everywhere! 😉

Looking at long-term solutions

Remote workers don’t just want a solution that works in the present, they want a solution that will last. With CallHarbor’s platform, once you are a customer you get upgrades and updates for free. You’ll never have to worry about an outdated system, and all of our updates are automatic. The best part, is that you don’t have to worry about scheduling in the updates, because they require zero downtime.

Our solution is truly evergreen. We grow with your company, our platform is easy to navigate, and your technology will always be the latest and greatest. Your IT and support staff will no longer have their hands full with complicated phone systems and complaints. Our Michigan-based support is 24/7, never outsourced, and always free. You can email, call, or live chat with us to get fast help, makes adjustments, and answer any questions.

With our free hardware upgrades included at no extra cost, your phones will continue to be the latest and greatest. All DaaS (device as a service) hardware rentals also come with warranty for the life of the hardware as long as you are a customer. This means that even if your speaker goes out, buttons break, or cords fizzle, you can get a replacement rental phone for free. While most companies replace all of their hardware every 5 years with a costly overhaul, your company will no longer have to worry about that large upfront cost. As businesses plan their long-term strategies, they’re taking these factors into account.

Why a UC approach is critical for businesses

Team and employee collaboration is extremely important when it comes to a business’ success. Teams from different departments need to be able to connect easily and confidently. By utilizing different UC channels such as chat, voice, video, and SMS, your teams will feel more connected than ever. The best part of it all being on the same platform is that your team doesn’t have to worry about downloading a bunch of applications, or remembered which system has which feature. Organizations and businesses need to break down communication barriers to ensure work gets done, customer get taken care of, and employees feel connected.

CallHarbor includes inner-office chat, business SMS, video, and voice in our basic package. You don’t have to pick and choose or get nickel and dimed as you ass features. Employees have the ability to choose their most convenient or comfortable means of communication. CallHarbor’s platform is especially critical to businesses and long term UC utilization because of its ease of use. Gone are the days of juggling between applications and struggling to remember which app is for what.