Communication is key when it comes to a client’s travel experience. A travel agency has to make sure they have clear and reliable communication with their client to give them great customer service. Having a quality phone service is one of the most important things for a business. By utilizing a VoIP business phone system such as CallHarbor, a travel agencies can give top quality service to their clients, improve productivity in staff, and reduce costs.

How Can VoIP Benefit a Travel Agency?

Using a VoIP phone system allows travel agencies to gain access to a flexible and convenient platform. Our UCaaS platform has tools that will help your business communication effortlessly with customers and clients. Your company will see things like increased productivity, call reporting, marketing campaign results, and more. VoIP phone systems can handle and route incoming calls for your travel agency.

Simplifying the process

Travel agents spend most of their time on the phone making reservations for their traveling clients. By using a VoIP platform, travel agents and clients can communicate more flexibly. CallHarbor always gives you a true unlimited calling plan for both local and long distance, so you don’t have to worry about racking up hefty LD charges.

Tracking marketing campaigns

Our tracking and reporting features can help track marketing campaign results for a travel agency. Marketing staff can designate specific numbers to campaigns, and use the call analytics to keep track of call times, phone leads, and more. This is a great way to assess your company’s sales and revenue, and manage your budget.​

Keeping clients engaged & informed on hold

Our VoIP system has the ability to utilize music and marketing on hold. You can specify these marketing messages to different extensions, locations, queues, and more, to personalize your callers experience depending on what they were calling in for/who they were talking to. Keep clients interested by playing relevant music or informing them of your latest deals and promos.

Key Features of VoIP for a Travel Agency

VoIP has powerful features that can help travel agencies deliver great service to clients while reducing costs. CallHarbor is an extremely feature-rich platform, and your business can utilize them all. Unlike many VoIP providers, CallHarbor does not have tiered user access options. Many companies only give you starter features at the same price, and make you pay more and more for premium features. We don’t do that! CallHarbor just has one plan – the plan, the one that works. It includes all of your features, so you don’t have to pick and choose.

Our UCaaS solution can make communication between travel agents and clients more fluid by using powerful productivity features such as voicemail to email, call queues, find me/follow me, video conferencing, auto attendant, call forwarding, and more.

Using find me/follow me and call queues ensures that clients can always reach their travel agents. With call forwarding, messages can be intelligently routed so that the specific travel agents can answer client inquiries and address the concern anywhere, at any time. Video conferencing can also improve customer engagement because it will enable you to have a more personal, face-to-face interaction with your clients.

Being able to work where and when you are the most productive will boost your work ethic. It gives a flexible solution for people to choose what they want to work from. WFA employees prove to have higher productivity, according to Harvard Business School. They focused on patent examiners who switched from WFH to WFA. They found that the patent examiners had a 4.4 percent higher work output and a higher quality of work when they went to WFA. The improvements added up to an additional $1.3 billion annual value to the US economy.

How Does VoIP Help Travel Agents Reduce Costs?

VoIP systems are easy to use and maintain, and provide opportunities for a travel agency to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs. CallHarbor’s VoIP solution can help travel agencies save on monthly expenses, allowing them to focus on delivering their goals without having to worry about the costly maintenance charges of their phone system. Our VoIP system is easy to use, allowing travel agents to drastically improve their communication processes, no matter the age or tech level.

Along with CallHarbor’s zero upfront cost, and no installation or maintenance fees, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch earlier. So many features are included that you won’t have to pay extra for the necessities. You’ll get unlimited calling, chat, SMS & MMS, and conference calling as part of your plan, right from the start. Keeping everyone connected has never been cheaper, or easier.