When it comes to a transportation company, the drivers and coordinators need reliable communication. It is crucial for them to be able to reach colleagues and customers when they need to. Their communications has to be consistent and easy-to-use across the board. By using a VoIP business phone system such as CallHarbor, transportation companies can guarantee this. VoIP and UCaaS give companies a streamlined workflow, with the flexibility to utilize it from anywhere. Features such as call forwarding and the mobile app give mobile workers the power to stay connected.

How Can Drivers & Transportation Companies Use VoIP?

Utilizing a VoIP and UCaaS platform helps transportation companies enhance their productivity for a fraction of the cost. Giving employees more freedom when it comes to their mobility, means more clients, and more communication success. Effective means of communication are crucial in the transportation industry. They help deliver clear and concise information such as directions, roadblocks, schedule changes, traffic conditions, etc. This better serves transportation companies by helping give their clients a seamless experience.

Offering transportation company employees and drivers the freedom to work remotely without sacrificing productivity or personal information is a monumental thing. Features like our mobile app, call routing, voicemail, instant messaging, and call conferencing can help employees. These features enhance their mobility because they can keep both office staff members and drivers connected. Through a reliable communication platform, drivers can reach out to the main office for help during emergencies. This will allow either an office staff member or an administrator to easily communicate with remote workers. They can easily help solve issues on schedule changes, directions, customers and more.

What are VoIP Features for Taxi & Transportation Companies?

There are many features that come with a VoIP business phone solution. With CallHarbor, you don’t have to pick and choose – you’ll get them all! This makes it extremely easy for customers to keep track of the functionality. Even if you do not use all of your features upfront, you can learn how to use them down the road when you are ready. Our flexible solution allows transportation companies to manage their businesses with ease. By utilizing VoIP features such as our CallHarbor mobile app, transportation companies can boost employee productivity, and help build stronger customer relationships.

With our unified messaging tools such as inner-office chat and business SMS, workers can stay connected with colleagues and clients from their mobile devices with ease. SMS works well as a marketing channel, or to simply communicate with clients. Many transportation companies are finding that SMS is a great way to send pickup reminders, organize pickup locations, let clients know transportation updates, and stay connected with other drivers and employees at HQ. It’s great way to provide customers with a quick and easy customer service experience. It also keeps the conversation on track and organized.

Our robust auto-attendants can help direct calls in many ways. Build out your automated menu to direct callers without having to answer first. Some options for the auto-attendants include playing a message (hours, locations, holidays, etc.), sending them to a voicemail, sending them to a specific queue (for drivers, support, sales, etc.) and much more! For a transportation company, you can even give your callers the option to listen to a company directory so they can connect with a specific driver.

Transportation Companies Can Cut Costs with a VoIP Phone System

The average savings a businesses should expect from adapting a VoIP system can range a lot. It depends on factors including the business size and what system they were using before. Ballpark estimates put the saving at between 30% and 50%. The biggest savings will be seen by companies getting rid of their on-premise phone system for a cloud-based one. On top of this, VoIP costs will decline as much as 5% annually. VoIP is already cheap, but it’ll get cheaper in the future, thanks to new advancements and consolidation. According to estimates from Gartner, prices for cloud telephony can be expected to decline by between 3% and 5% annually.

Switching to a hosted VoIP service means eliminating all on-premise server equipment. Instead of housing equipment at every office location, businesses can access a virtual phone system for all operations. They can do this without purchasing any new equipment. Switching to a hosted phone system means that you never have to worry about system updates or maintenance issues.

With CallHarbor, there are no upfront costs, no hidden fees, and our pricing is straight forward and easy. We include free on-site installation, free on-site training, and 20+ features with your basic user cost. Check out more on our pricing here.