A reliable, feature-rich phone system can help dental offices gives their patients a professional and pleasant experience. With the use of a VoIP solution in your dental office, you can optimize customer service and improve patient care. With features like auto-attendants, marketing on hold & business SMS, your customers will feel well taken care of. Are you ready to make your customers confident in their dental provider?

How Does VoIP Help Dental Offices Give Better Service?

VoIP phone systems help dental offices deliver top quality service by streamlining communications and optimizing engagement. Unlike traditional landlines, a feature-rich VoIP phone solution can help dental offices deliver top-notch services in many ways.

  • Optimizing patient phone engagement. VoIP makes it easy to route and transfer calls. It provides a fast and efficient way for the staff or the dentists to talk to their patients. They can stay connected with patients from anywhere – even handling calls from home without having to come into the office. With automatic time frames, you can route after-hours calls from your office to other extensions/devices.
  • Customized announcements & greetings. One of the most useful VoIP features is the auto-attendant. This automated menu gives callers an easy way to navigate through the phone system. By utilizing an auto-attendant, you can customize the system to deliver specific greetings and announcements. This will build a stronger doctor-patient relationship. An auto-attendant can also be customized to instruct the caller on what to do. If they need immediate care or directions, they can be routed to a specific number or message.

To learn more about optimizing call queues and auto-attendants, check out our blog articles.

Useful VoIP Features That Help Manage Operation Workflows

VoIP systems are equipped with automated features such as call forwarding, video conferencing, and hunt groups. These features can help streamline work processes in a dental office.

A reliable VoIP solution supports efficient communication between the patient and the dentist. It also promotes effective collaboration among the internal staff.  Here are some popular and important features of VoIP that can help streamline operational workflows, thus boosting employee productivity and improving communication in a dental office.


  • Timeframes – This feature makes it easy to designate calling rules by timeframe. Whether it’s business hours, after hours, or holidays, you can automate your system to handle calls a specific way. You can customize and set certain rules for call forwarding. Enabling specific routines for certain times of the day is easy. You can use your built out timeframes to switch on and off depending on time of day. For example, you have the ability to set calls to be forwarding to your physical office between 9 am and 5 pm, and then sent to your cell phone on off hours. You can have certain auto-attendants designated for different times too, to route your callers to where they need to be.
  • Hunt Groups – This function allows you to hunt for an available dental staff by routing incoming calls to various phone extensions. Through hunt groups,  your callers can easily get in touch with you or any of your staff in the office. Whether a patient is simply inquiring about an appointment, or suffering from an emergency and needs immediate assistance, the hunt groups and call forwarding features of VoIP can help ensure their calls are answered anywhere at anytime.
  • Video Conferencing – A VoIP system for dental offices allows you to conduct online video conferences within a group. This useful feature will help you communicate with  your staff about important deals, meetings, documents, files, and agenda, regardless of their location.

Aside from automatic timeframes, hunt groups, and video conferencing, there are even more features to help you. Additional functionalities such as call monitoring, call recording, and call reports can help you out. Monitor calls to train new staff on how to answer phones. Record calls to save conversations between you and your patients in a safe and secure manner. Pull reporting for staffing needs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a feature-rich platform like CallHarbor.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a VoIP Provider for a Dental Office

Before making the switch to a VoIP system for your dental office, there are a few big factors to consider. Some things you should look at include customer experience reviews, features, and monthly price. Aside from these, you of course need to consider your current budget and the office’s equipment needs as well. Ensuring that you have a reliable internet connection is also huge, since your phones rely on your internet.

CallHarbor has customer experience ratings that are considered world class. With a 6.98 out of 7 (6 being world class), we’re almost perfect when it comes to customer experience. With our VoIP system, you don’t have to worry about tiered pricing based on which features you pick. We include all features right from the get go. That means that with our basic pricing, you get access to all of the awesome features we discussed, such as call recording and advanced voicemail functionality.