The key to a good client or customer relationship is effective communication. Insurance companies can use this to their advantage by harnessing the power of an affordable VoIP system. With a powerful, feature-rich VoIP system, insurance companies can create lasting relationships. They can enhance customer service experiences and providing fast and effective communication.

VoIP Helps Insurance Companies Deliver Exceptional Service

VoIP can help insurance companies stay connected from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to the mobility features in a versatile VoIP phone service, insurance companies can empower agents to work remotely. Employees have the capability to use mobile devices and computers to communicate with each other and their clients. They can utilize their business phone number, even when they are on the go.

Insurance companies have an abundance of data from clients. From assets and financial status, to business and family relationships, customer demographics and addresses. It’s important that this large volume of data is kept safe and secure. Through a hosted VoIP provider, insurance companies can ensure that all client conversations are recorded and stored safely. All VoIP providers deploy encryption and security measures to ensure important data is safe.

Our VoIP system integrates with dozens of CRMs, so you can get screen pops and call logging to stay organized. Did you know we have our very own CallHarbor Chrome extension? If you’re using Google Chrome, click here to download it! Our extension offers great features, such as screen pops and click to call. It includes over a dozen pre-built CRM integrations such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Insightly, to keep all of your communications organized.

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Our click to call feature makes it easy for you to call any phone number listed in Google Chrome by simply clicking on the number. You can count on our application to improve workflows, and streamline processes. Simply sign-in with your existing CallHarbor login and you will be up and running in seconds.

Important VoIP Features for Insurance Companies

Important VoIP features such as call forwarding, call monitoring, video & voice conferencing, and call routing can provide insurance agents effective ways to enhance customer experience and to deliver top quality service.

One great feature is our automatic timeframes. Our timeframes tell the phone system what to do at specific times. Whether this is forwarding calls, playing a specific auto attendant, or running through certain queues. Through this feature, insurance agencies can designate calling rules to suit their schedules. During business hours, the staff can choose to ring the office phones in a certain pattern, and during after hours, they can have calls redirect to a separate after-hours auto attendant.

By using an auto attendant, insurance companies have the capability to route calls to a specific agent or queue. With the auto-attendant as the first message for incoming calls, callers can choose the option that best suits their needs. This is done through an automated menu (“press 1 for sales, press 2 for billing,” etc.). Callers can also dial by name or by extension to reach the right department or a specific person. An auto attendant can also be customized to deliver announcements and greeting to clients, thus improving customer experience.

Find Me, Follow Me & Voicemail to Email

The Find Me, Follow Me feature will allow companies to route incoming calls to multiple extensions. Find Me, Follow Me is simply a “call forwarding” option. Setting this feature up is extremely simple. Being able to control your answering rules directly from our portal means you can completely customize and tailor your call handling to best fit your needs. All you have to do is log on, and click on the Answering Rules icon where you will have full access to be able to input one or several other numbers and select the situational forwarding.

With the use of our voicemail to email option, you have the power to view voicemails from anywhere. Getting your voicemails sent directly to your email is a game changer. Our voicemail to email also gives you a transcription of the message, making it easy to take care of voicemails without interrupting your day. You can also forward it directly to someone else that needs this info, so everyone stays in the loop! Insurance agents can read or listen to emails anywhere, at anytime.  

How Does VoIP Help Cut Costs?

VoIP systems are easy to use and more affordable than traditional phone systems, so insurance companies can reduce their operational and maintenance costs significantly.

The average savings a businesses should expect from adapting a VoIP system can range a lot. It depends on factors including the business size and what system they were using before. Ballpark estimates put the saving at between 30% and 50%. The biggest savings will be seen by companies getting rid of their on-premise phone system for a cloud-based one. On top of this, VoIP costs will decline as much as 5% annually. VoIP is already cheap, but it’ll get cheaper in the future, thanks to new advancements and consolidation. According to estimates from Gartner, prices for cloud telephony can be expected to decline by between 3% and 5% annually.

Switching to a hosted VoIP service means eliminating all on-premise server equipment. Instead of housing equipment at every office location, businesses can access a virtual phone system for all operations. They can do this without purchasing any new equipment. Switching to a hosted phone system means that you never have to worry about system updates or maintenance issues.

With CallHarbor, there are no upfront costs, no hidden fees, and our pricing is straight forward and easy. We include free on-site installation, free on-site training, and 20+ features with your basic user cost. Check out more on our pricing here.