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Sending and receiving faxes are still widely used in many industries. Especially in industries such as the medical field and real estate, faxing is still very much alive and well. eFax has been a huge advantage for companies that send a lot of faxes. Especially in the world of remote work, having the ability to fax right from your laptop makes your life so much easier. With eFax, you get access to email to fax, print to fax, reporting, access to your contacts, and so much more. It makes the world of fax so much simpler and easier to navigate. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to using an eFax platform as opposed to physical fax machines. Oh, and if you have a few employees that still want to use physical faxing, CallHarbor offers a fax machine bridge to connect your physical faxing to your eFax – giving you the best of both worlds!

What Are Advantages of Enhanced eFax Services?

It saves you time & money

Gone are the days of wasting paper, and wasting time standing by the fax machine waiting to see if your fax sends. Switching over to a cloud-based eFax service means no more wasting paper and no more costs for maintaining your fax machine. You’ll gain the ability to send and receive faxes from anywhere. With working from home becoming a new norm, you can even send faxes from home! You no longer need to be in your office to be able to fax. You can print to fax, email to print, and print from applications such as Microsoft Word.

It keeps your eFax documents organized & always available

If you’re receiving and sending 10 faxes a day, you’ll have gone through at least 300 pages within the month. Filing cabinets and Google Drive folders can only help you keep organized to an extent. Managing large loads of paper throughout the year proves to be a daunting task. Using eFax services with cloud storage will help you easily store all your received and sent faxes in one place. You’ll also have access to these documents whenever you want, from wherever you are.

You can receive & send faxes on the go

Accessing your eFax platform from the internet browser means you can send and receive faxes on the go. With just a few touches on the screen, you can send faxes from anywhere.

Build out cover pages for your document in one easy space

Within our enhanced eFaxing platform, you can build out cover pages. This means you don’t have to scramble around and build out a brand new cover page for every fax. The editable cover page is a basic template you can use and reuse whenever you need it. Build out multiple cover pages for each category of faxes, and you’ll save a ton of time with every sent fax!

Extremely easy to setup & use

CallHarbor handles all of your setup, and will have all of your numbers and users organized upon deployment. Our eFax platform is extremely easy to use. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate for all employees. Even employees without technical training will be sending eFaxes like pros. Our 24/7 support team is available to you in case you ever have any questions or are having any issues.

Above, you can see our user-friendly interface, where the icons are large and clearly labeled, making it simple to navigate.

CallHarbor’s eFax comes with a log-in for every seat

No unauthorized employee will have access to the received faxes like using a physical fax machine. By building the eFax users out by email/login, everyone will have their personal access. Each seat on your account will have their own login, and have the ability to email to fax, print to fax, and more.

Easily search through your faxes with tags

Simply add a note to your faxes separately and find the faxes you are looking for through the search results. Remember receiving 300 faxes every month? Well, you get to find specific faxes in just a few seconds. Our search feature allows you to sift through all of your faxes in a much shorter amount of time than searching through your email or old file cabinets.

If you are interested in adding on eFax to your account, let us know! Our pricing is simple and straight forward. For only $15/month you can have 1 fax number, 1000 pages, and user access for each seat on your account.