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All businesses and organizations value scalability. You want to know that when you grow, your phone system is going to be able to flawlessly grow with you. For seasonal and growing businesses, the need for scalability is even more paramount. For businesses that see themselves growing continuously, or companies that ramp up product or hiring during specific times of the year, the switching to VoIP is valuable. By transferring communications to the Cloud, businesses can scale quickly while driving greater operational efficiency.

Seasonal Businesses

Scalability is an important need for all business, but some more than others. For some businesses, it’s more important due to the way their industry is set up or positioned in the marketplace. Seasonal businesses, such as florists, lawn care services, and tax preparation services, will have periods throughout the year where they need varying degrees of phone system support. The flexibility of a cloud phone system helps solve this problem by allowing more lines to be easily added during peak season. Seasonal scalability such as this help the businesses quickly and easily handle more calls/business without a hassle.

Growing Businesses

A scalable system may be essential to seasonal businesses, but any organization can benefit. The flexible nature of cloud communications makes it right for any growing business. When your company is growing, sometimes it can be unexpected and require an immediate response. Sometimes, your phone system is the least of your worries. You may be stuck focusing on hiring employees, setting new hours, looking for a larger building, booking more events, or whatever it may be. Instead of adding your phone system on your list of stressors, let us take care of it for you! Scalability allows businesses to quickly adjust to their needs.

Plus, growing businesses value the fact that hosted phone systems represent an operational expense rather than a capital expense, meaning that hosted systems are deployed as a service with little upfront cost and no maintenance obligations. Using a cloud-based solution means you have flexibility and can free up your working capital through the immediate cost savings of a hosted PBX.

Full-Featured Functionality

With CallHarbor, each seat gets access to full-featured functionality. Your seasonal or new employees can quickly get into the swing of things with access to call recording, advanced voicemail, business SMS, our mobile app, and more. A VoIP phone system can give you so much more than just a number. It can help seasonal and growing businesses be more productive and more successful. Utilizing a VoIP system specifically has so many benefits that make your life easier and your workday go more smoothly.

Administrative features like call recording and make it easier to stay on top of things. Call features like call queues, call routing, and auto attendants make it easier for you to manage high call volumes. Features like call parking, multi-device ringing, and voicemail transcription help your employees stay productive and mobile. A VoIP phone system can also include features such as video capabilities, SMS, and chat, to keep your team connected and collaborative.

Let’s check out how some of these VoIP features will make your life easier, and your workday run more smoothly.

User Portal

Setting your phone system up and configuration are just the start of using a new phone system. Once your phones are up and running, you have to think about managing the system every day, and using as many features as you need for your business to succeed. CallHarbor makes this part easy for our customers, providing access to an inclusive customer web portal. You don’t need to be an expert in tech and phones to manage the your new system. All you need is a web browser and to know what you want!

CallHarbor has a customer-centric, easy-to-use web dashboard for all customers. You can access, configure, and maintain your entire system from one place. Everything for adding new numbers to removing users is just one click away.

You can do things like:
Edit users, locations, and phone buttons
View call records and detailed reports & analytics
View call recordings and download or share them
Enable or disable features for individuals & groups
Change auto attendant buttons
Add or edit call queues
Turn on voicemail transcriptions & toggle preferences
Add a new voicemail or greeting
Add or edit location information to emergency calls

Call Recording

Call recording is sometimes an overlooked feature, yet it can be critical for so many companies. Some businesses are required to record calls to comply with regulations. Others might want to do so for training purposes or to provide feedback. Recording business conversations helps to protect your business from potential legal action. Recorded calls can be a valuable source of business insights as well. They can help employees focus on the conversation at hand instead of taking notes or scrambling to find pen and paper. It’s easy to listen to recorded conversations to get vital information.

Many businesses say that they do not record calls despite potential benefits, because they do not want to pay for and install a separate system. With VoIP phone systems, call recording is included in the packaged features – no extra costs or installation required.

Call Queues

When call queues are used to complement customer service, they have distinct business value in saving phone calls that would otherwise be lost. They make your day easier by easing your worries about losing calls, handling calls incorrectly, or overloading an employee with calls. This is all handled by your call queues. With your CallHarbor plan, you get unlimited call queues, so you can build them out however you want/need.

Call queues help to:
Reduce the number of missed calls
Reduce the negative effect the busy signal has on customer experience
Provide different service levels for different customer groups
Collectively improve overall customer service

Voicemail Transcriptions

With voicemail transcriptions, you have readable text that you can search and filter right in your email inbox. This is helpful when you need to look up an important detail in a message, like a name or phone number, but don’t have time to listen to an entire voicemail message. This is also makes your day easier by freeing up time spent listening to voicemails, and also in convenient when you need to look at voicemail info on the go. CallHarbor has voicemail audio download to complement our transcriptions, so you can download and share voicemails easily right from your email platform.

Did you know that telemarketers place 148 million junk calls a day, with the average American receiving 2 to 3 of these telemarketing calls per day? While many people let unknown callers go to voicemail in order to avoid awkward or unwanted conversations, listening to all those missed voice messages still results in a lot of wasted time. Being able to see the voicemail transcription and avoid listening to a voicemail from a junk caller seems like it won’t save you that much time, but think about how much a few minutes a day adds up when you think of a year total.

SMS & Chat

It’s no secret that texting is the preferred channel of communication for most consumers. The ease and convenience of text messaging aren’t lost on any generation. Text messaging from your business number can be great for many reasons. Customer don’t want to have to jump through hoops to access good customer service. Being able to simply text a number gives customers instant gratification and is both easy and convenient for both parties. It’s easy to implement, easy to manage (especially from our portal, app, and web softphone), and easy to connect. Your messages will get read, and you are much more likely to get feedback.

With chat, your employees can stay connected with each other. Your stress is lessened by being able to communicate and check in with your team easily and conveniently from anywhere. Chat can also be easily accessed from the mobile app or customer portal webpage, so you can access it how and when you want. Check out our blog post on how chat and SMS can improve your customer service.