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Sometimes it makes sense to keep your old solution, and simply add on new services that fit your needs. However, with unified communications, this is not the case. Many businesses throw away a lot of money every year by paying too many businesses to give them too many separate solutions. According to Tim Banting, the Practice Leader, Enterprise Communications at Omdia, 36% of companies have up to 10 different solutions for communication and collaboration. Of course, this leads to communication silos, complicated contracts, and excessive costs. Now that businesses are preparing for a more long-term shift in working styles, organizations need to find a way to consolidate numerous services into a single solution for unified communications.

The Research on Unified Communications & ROI

Recent research from Metrigy, which provides metrics-driven strategic guidance to technology leaders, has made the case that the less tools, the more value. Their research shows that organizations that have moved to a single unified communications and collaboration provider experience:

  • 54% increase in revenue versus 26% for companies that use multiple providers for unified communications & contact center
  • 37% increase in customer experience ratings vs. 30% for companies that use multiple providers
  • 22% decrease in the monthly cost per contact center agent with one UC & CC provider

Check out the infographic below:

Aberdeen Research, in its report, The ROI of Uniting Unified Communications and Contact Center, shows that unified communication-enabled contact centers achieve:

  • 50% increase in agent productivity
  • 2.9x average handle time improvement year-over-year
  • 80% decrease in customer complaints

“Through 2022, one-half of organizations will determine that their technology for unified communications is ineffective for meeting business continuity needs and falls short in the open communications requirements for secured and seamless interactions across devices and people.”

Mark Smith
CEO, Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

The choice is clear. Switching to a system that can give your company everything you need, on one platform, is extremely crucial for your organization moving forward. In advancing immediate and long-term transformation in 2021, a UC platform allows organizations to break down communications silos to create efficient, effective employee and customer experiences. Also, it positions them to be ready for anything – enjoying the flexibility, reliability, and mobility of UCaaS.