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When switching over to a VoIP business phone solution, customers are always overjoyed with the newfound versatility and flexibility. We give our customers multiple options as far as their phone preferences. With desk phone options, web softphone capabilities, and an easy to use mobile app, customers can stay connected however they choose. There are pros and cons that come with choosing to use desk phones over web softphones, and vice versa. Overall, they are both extremely great options that you can use a mix of! Ultimately, the final decision on which product to use depends on what you feel most comfortable with. It depends on your needs and wants from your phone system, and which choice will make your tasks easier on you. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both desk phones and web softphones.

Physical Desk Phones & Hardware

Many people prefer to use a physical desk phone for many reasons. It is something familiar that they are already comfortable utilizing. Almost all business phone users are used to having a phone on the desk. It is the typical set up for most offices and businesses. It’s a nice physical hardware that is always there and easy to use. There is minimal to no training required since it functions a little bit like your old telephones. Especially if you are switching from a different VoIP provider, most IP phones has similar features and capabilities. They’re incredibly easy to use, especially for those already familiar with the phone system. Tech-savvy users will find softphones easy, but there is always onboarding training involved in the use of the web softphones.

We hold a partnership with Yealink and Poly – two of the largest business phone system hardware providers. CallHarbor takes pride in the hardware we supply our customers. We always like to keep up with the most current versions and best products.

Web Softphones Pros & Cons

A web softphone is a phone or feature for making telephone calls over the Internet using a computer rather than dedicated phone hardware. Employees can utilize the softphone through our internet web portal on a desktop, mobile device, or other computer, and also functions in the same way as our web softphone on the mobile app. It allows the user to place and receive calls, see their coworkers’ online status, and engage in chat and SMS.

By using a web softphone, employees don’t have to be tied to their desk or cubicle to utilize their work phone number or all the other great VoIP phone system features. Web softphones are a great feature to utilize for flexible or remote workers. The features within the web softphone in the CallHarbor portal are helpful to office workers and remote workers alike. You can start new phone calls right from the web softphone, begin new chat or SMS conversations with your coworkers, see your coworkers’ availability statuses, view your settings and toggle answering rules and greetings, and even more.

The only real cons about using a web softphone only is that if your computer isn’t functioning like normal, you won’t have access to it. You will still be able to use your mobile app or forward your calls to your cell phone, but you won’t have your usual functionality of your actual web softphone. The softphone is extremely easy and convenient to use once you understand it. CallHarbor provides free on-site training to make sure your team is well versed in our technology before your system goes live.

Switching to VoIP

With CallHarbor, you always have access to your web softphone – it comes along with your user access! This also includes our mobile app that you can use to utilize your business phone number on the go. If you also buy or rent a VoIP desk phone, you’ll have the perfect trifecta at the palm of your hand. The best part of having all three options is that you can pick and choose which device you want to use day to day. If you’re ready for extreme versatility, it’s time to switch to CallHarbor.