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Your business website may be full of useful information, but sometimes, your customers just want to talk with a live person. A customer may want to ask a question before they make the decision to buy from your business. They might be visiting with an issue and want a way to reach someone for support right away. Click-to-call creates an easy way to instantly start dialing a number on a website or from a search engine.

Click-to-call is a feature that is unique to VoIP. It makes it so you don’t have to remember, write down, or copy and pasta a phone number. Easily clicking the number to start a call makes it simple to get where you need to be. If your business uses any direct dial numbers for things such as sales or support, it can also create an easy way to reach the DID number.

Check out this easy to understand video from GetVoIP that breaks down click-to-call.

Benefits of Click-to-Call

The numbers speak for themselves on this one. Market research shows adding a click-to-call button can lead to a 200% increase in call-to-conversion rates. In addition to helping you increase sales and improve customer satisfaction, adding click-to-call functionality can help reduce negative impressions as well. In Google’s research of 3,000 mobile users, 47% said they were more likely to explore a company’s competitors if there wasn’t a way to directly call the company, and 27% reported they are less trusting of a company when there isn’t a way to connect by phone.

Specific businesses that could benefit most from click-to-call

Local Services – A local business could mean a hairdresser or a spa that has click-to-call capability on their website. It allows customers to set an appointment for services without them spending time looking up their number to contact them. Or a local bakery that someone wants to call right away to get an order in for.

Automotive Industry – When a customer has an issue with their car, they will be able to quickly and efficiently make a connection with your garage to get the repairs done that are required or inquire about getting their vehicle towed.

Tech Industry – When a computer has an issue, not all customers will have the knowledge to fix it without talking to an IT representative. This allows them to connect quickly and efficiently.

Travel Industry – For travel agents, this functionality is a time saver that will allow vacations to be booked or at least reserved with the click of a button. Callbacks will need to be made to finalize the sale, but if the customer is interested in taking a vacation, they are more likely to take the steps to get the process started.

With the CallHarbor Google Chrome extension, you can choose even more options for click-to-call to make your experience even simpler. With options such as screen pops and logo click-to-call, you can utilize this feature with ease.

Shown here is the CallHarbor Google Chrome extension. Options for click-to-call include screen pops, where a small “screen pop” will engage on your screen when calling. You can also choose to utilize the logo click-to-call, shown below, to make the click-to-call options more apparent.

Logo click-to-call is a good way to make your click-to-call options more apparent. When you have logo click-to-call turned on, you will see a small CallHarbor logo next to any number that you can simply click to start a call with.