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Communication is such an important and vital part of business. It’s a driving force, a problem solver, and a necessity of keeping customers and employees happy. According to Bluesource, productivity improves up to 25% in organizations with connected employees. In the past few years, communication has continually improved and become more easily accessible, and easier to use when it comes to staying connected. One specific feature that can ease communication issues is the use of a conference call bridge. There are many ways to conduct conference calls, and a conference bridge call is one of the easiest. But what is a conference bridge, and why should your organization be using one to conduct group calling?

What is a Conference Bridge Call?

A conference bridge is an easy-to-use line that connects people from all over. It gives a selected group of people the ability to participate in a single phone call that makes it simple to collaborate.

Why is it called a conference bridge? The term bridge is simply a term used when referring to the equipment or software that links people together. Think of the call like a physical bridge, connecting the callers in a way that a regular call couldn’t.

How Does a Bridge Work?

The conference call bridge has one specific phone number, and allows participants to dial into a virtual “meeting room,” where they can communicate with the rest of the group from anywhere. The nice part about dialing is that you can do it from any phone – your cell phone, your business phone, your hotel room phone… wherever!

CallHarbor’s conference bridges have adjustable options, such as the leader pin and participant pin, and also give you the ability to call a number from the conference bridge if someone forgot to call in. You can also view reports after the conference call of who called in, how long they were on the line, etc.

View reports after the conference call and see what members called in, what number they called from, and how long they were on the call for.

Why Are Bridge Conference Calls More Popular Than Ever?

A good unified communication platform can make the world of a difference for small and medium sized businesses. The days of wasted time and money spent on inefficient communications are over. Conference bridge calling maximize productivity, and it is simple and easy to use. The rising popularity is all too warranted.

Web conferencing allows people to have meetings to joint conversations virtually, regardless of time or place. You spend less time scheduling face-to-face meetings and spend less money on arranging for entire teams to meet in a board room together.

In today’s business world, we have a vast mix of people working remotely, from home, and from the office. Because of this, it’s necessary for businesses to have options like conference bridges to connect all of these people in real time. Hosting virtual meetings is a sure way to give everyone an equal opportunity to stay connected.


When done correctly, audio conferencing save people employees a lot of time. Instead of wasting time on organizing and scheduling a meeting place, spending the time hosting it, traveling to it, and the small talk that usually occurs during it, you can simply send everyone the conference number, pick a date and time, and have everyone join the conference, regardless of their location.

The versatility of bridge conference calls cannot truly be stressed enough. The option to schedule meetings around small business needs rather than the participants’ availability is a huge time saver. Also, let’s not forget that remote teams and partners can finally join the business conversation.


If you’re looking to minimize your small business VoIP expenses, online team collaboration is a no-brainer. Instead of spending money on management, venues, or travel costs, you can invest in a simple bridge tool and get everyone on board. It works even better with remote teams, and you can hold regular meetings with little to no cost.

A lot of VoIP providers make you pay big bucks for a conference bridge add on, but CallHarbor includes a conference bridge for you, for free with our plan! Online conferencing saves time, and you can minimize the hassle of event planning by switching to a conference call. Overall, it is a cost-efficient approach to team meetings and collaboration.


All organizations value security, and wanting a secure conference call is not uncommon. Live meetings require a lot of planning and organization, and important information sometimes has the opportunity to get out. With conference bridge calls, there’s little to no risk of information leak, and security is always a top priority with such products.

Our conference bridge calls are secured with PINs, and give admins all of the control over them. Changing a pin for every meeting is a good way to stay secure and know that only the people invited will be hopping on.

There are a lot of reasons why conference calls are growing in popularity, and we can expect companies to put even more resources into these systems.