Businesses replace their employee desktops or laptops about every five years. Mobile devices are replaced even more frequently than that, especially for companies that include employee-owned devices. So why do organizations hold onto old, outdated business phone systems for 10-20 years? For a lot of business owners, they simply underestimate the business value of upgrading to a new phone system. Some business owners think it’s wise to spend their budget elsewhere, not knowing how much having a new phone system, such as a VoIP phone system, can truly help your business in multiple ways.

Check out these 6 reasons why you shouldn’t forget about upgrading your phone system, and why you shouldn’t put VoIP phone systems on the back burner.

Cost Savings

When it comes to features, VoIP business phone systems offer so many advantages over traditional hardware. Usually these solutions with added features and conveniences also come with additional costs, but CallHarbor offers all of these features for for no additional price.

With traditional hardware, up-font costs can be steep, and that’s usually just the beginning of surprise bills and charges. When considering total cost of ownership for a traditional PBX system, don’t forget recurring fees for maintenance, upgrades, and changes. Time spent learning the system, as well as any downtime that becomes necessary for fixes and changes, all add to the overall cost of your phone system. With CallHarbor, your flat rate cost covers all of that and more.

A VoIP business phone system offers many cost advantages over older PBX hardware. Pricing is simple and affordable, and the low monthly fees are per person so your expenses are predictable and easy to manage. Maintenance is handled for you, and phone systems can be administered from mobile devices, reducing the need for expensive specialized technical support and training over time.

Valuable Features

VoIP platforms offers so many features, and many of them are tiered. With CallHarbor, you won’t have to pick and choose. We’re all inclusive. With one plan you can rest assured you have the features you need to make your business succeed, from Call Center, to Reception, to internal meetings. We have you covered. Our fully featured phone system includes auto attendants, music on hold, call queues, and more. You can easily chat with your co-workers, removing the need for multiple applications. From group chats, to personal one-on-one chats from our mobile app or desktop app, you can also use SMS utilizing your work phone number. You can track stats on call-center flow, abandoned calls, voicemails, hold times, and more. Our grainular reports, as well as call center manager and agent portals allow you to manage your team better than ever. All of these features are backed by the best 24/7 US-based support, free installation and training, no on-boarding costs, no transferring, no holding, just results.

Application Integration

Unified communications platforms allow users to instant message, SMS, and schedule and hold virtual meetings. Customer relationship management and other business applications, such as SalesForce, Hubspot and Insightly, can also be integrated with the phone system to streamline workflows. We have our very own CallHarbor Chrome extension that also works with integrations. If you’re using Google Chrome, click here to download it. Our extension offers great features, such as screen pops and click to call. Our extension includes over a dozen pre-built CRM integrations to keep all of your communications organized.

Our click to call feature makes it easy for you to call any phone number listed in Google Chrome by simply clicking on the number. You can count on our application to improve workflows, and streamline processes. Simply sign-in with your existing CallHarbor login and you will be up and running in seconds.


With today’s VoIP phone systems, calls can be automatically forwarded to a mobile device, where the user can access the same tools and services they would find on their desk phone. This is far more efficient and reliable than expecting a caller to leave a message and wait for the recipient to retrieve the message and return the call. Our web softphone is also available from any computer or phone, giving you more mobility and freedom than you could ever have with an old phone system. This mobility can help employees stay productive and have an overall positive effect on the business.


As your business grows in terms of personnel and remote locations, VoIP phone systems make it easy to add users, offices, devices, numbers, services and capacity without reinventing the wheel. With CallHarbor, your phone system grows with you. We make it easy for your to add devices and users. When you need help differentiating locations and offices, our user portal makes it easy to keep them separate, but edit them in the same space.

Having this easy scalability also helps for business that have seasonal busyness and need extra users or available lines at different times of the years (such as holidays, or tax season).

Unlimited Upgrades

With CallHarbor as your VoIP provider, you get unlimited upgrades at anytime throughout your contract. We are partnered with Yealink and Poly, meaning we always have the best and newest hardware for your business communications to succeed. From conference phones, to desk phones, we have it all, and you may rent it at a low monthly rate. Because your business rents the phones, we can also swap them out whenever you want. If a new phone comes out, and you want to upgrade, you can do exactly at that – with no additional “swap out” fee.