The modern business world demands a global approach to communications. This is why many companies have made the smart switch to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, to connect with stakeholders, staff members, and customers worldwide. Not only does it allow you to make communication more convenient, but it enables you to do it in a more cost-effective way.

Although VoIP is an industry leading communication platform that saves time and money, some companies are still hesitant to make the switch. According to research, there are several popular reasons why some people won’t turn to VoIP. CallHarbor here to debunk all of those funky concerns.

Common Concern #1: Latency and hiccups can occur
When VoIP first rolled around, it is true that one of its most significant disadvantages was its weak call quality. Some people still picture the latency and hiccups that used to be more common. Nowadays, however, VoIP calls tend to be even more crisp and clear that traditional phone calls. Along with that, innovations such as noise-cancelling headphones and advanced audio compression enable VoIP phones to achieve superior sound quality.

Common Concern #2: Stable internet access is required
It’s true that a fast and stable internet connection is the foundation of a healthy VoIP system. With VoIP technology, voice data goes over the internet to telephone networks. This concern can’t be debunked, but if you think of all of the perks you get with VoIP, and your increase of mobility and productivity, paying for a stable internet access is more than worth it.

Common Concern #3: Consumption of cellular or internet data bandwidth
Although consuming cellular or internet data bandwidth is definitely a disadvantage, the advantageous side of being available anywhere easily outweighs it! Increased reliability, visibility, and reach-ability is worth it. Plus, if you are on the go, many common places provide free Wi-Fi, which you can hop on to use our web softphone, meaning no cellular or internet data used. Also, VoIP uses much less bandwidth than you’d think. In fact, talking on a VoIP call for an hour uses less bandwidth than surfing the net for an hour.

Common Concern #4: VoIP services from some providers are vulnerable to worms, viruses or hackers
With our multiple geo-redundant locations you can rest assured that we will keep your phones ringing, your data safe, and provide low latency no matter where you are located. CallHarbor values customer service, and with that comes our commitment to keeping you, your data, and your information safe from worms, viruses, and hackers. While some providers may not take extra steps to keep your info safe, you can rest assured that CallHarbor’s got your back.

Common Concern #5: Location not provided to 911 during emergency call if user is not in the office
This concern is the easiest for the CallHarbor team to debunk, because with CallHarbor, location can be provided to 911 from different locations, easily. By logging into our user portal from any phone or computer, you can manually enter the address of your location, so that in the event that you have to call 911, your location will be up to date!