If you are new to the VoIP scene, or if you just aren’t familiar with the lingo, you might not know what Find Me, Follow Me is, or why it is such an important feature to have. Research has found that 77% of small businesses feel that Find Me, Follow Me is a top VoIP feature and benefit. Find Me, Follow Me, or as we put it simply in our customer portal, refers to answering rules. Being able to control your answering rules creates a high level of mobility for your company, allowing you to tell your work phone where and when to ring different lines.

This feature, also known as call hunting, and sometimes call forwarding, makes sure that you and your company won’t miss an important call. It allows you to route and re-route a call through a series of numbers until it has either been answered, or reaches your voicemail. You can also choose to ring multiple lines simultaneously.

How Does it Work?

The basic concept itself is a fairly simple one to understand. The most important thing is to recognize that Find Me, Follow Me features are not the same as basic call routing, intelligent IVR systems, or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems, in which automated attendant scripting is a more important aspect.

Instead, this feature is simply a “call forwarding” option as we discussed above — and setting this feature up is extremely simple. Being able to control your answering rules directly from our portal means you can completely customize and tailor your call handling to best fit your needs, from wherever you can access internet. All you have to do is log on, and click on the Answering Rules icon where you will have full access to be able to input one or several other numbers and select the situational forwarding.

So what are the top benefits of Find Me, Follow Me?

  1. You have the ability to answer your work phone line from any device
  2. The phone numbers and devices listed in your answering rules remain private
  3. You can be reached consistently from ONE phone number
  4. You will never miss an important call again
  5. The user on the other end of the line doesn’t have to know that you are away from the office
  6. Enhances customer service and support
  7. Saves your company time and money
  8. With CallHarbor, it requires no extra expenses or equipment!

In a world where mobility is a top priority for many companies, CallHarbor takes pride in our ability to make you mobile. Mobility is one of CallHarbor’s top priorities and values. While many other VoIP providers offer Follow Me, Find Me as a paid service, CallHarbor includes it in your plan without extra cost.

Check out our website for more information or to chat with a live CallHarbor employee. If you are already a CallHarbor client, take a look inside your portal to explore Find Me, Follow Me options.