If you’re a small business with a limited budget, it can be challenging to convince potential clients that you can satisfy their needs. The size of your company can affect potential business, so it makes sense to look big even when you aren’t. Voice over IP phone systems are one of the most effective and affordable ways to create a professional image and appear bigger than you are, while allowing you to make and receive calls from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Advanced VoIP features can help you and your employees become more productive and give your small business a “larger” appearance with features that divert calls at specific times to specific people, create professional voicemails, perform some receptionist’s duties with auto-attendant, call recording, screening and forwarding, and so much more. 

1. Auto-Attendant

Receptionists are becoming increasingly rare, especially in small businesses. Handling incoming calls that are meant for other employees is time consuming and means frequent interruptions. An auto attendant allows you to set up menu options to route calls based on the callers’ input. It gets callers to the right person more quickly, and reduces the number of calls that have to be handled by whoever is on receptionist duty. Not only will your calls be managed far more efficiently with a call menu, but it will also make your small business seem like a larger corporation. Additionally, with call queues, you can make one person look like five. VoIP phone systems can automatically route calls to “different” departments, even if all those departments are run by one person.

2. Music On-Hold

Not only does adding music or a promotional message to your hold program create a more pleasant experience for your callers, but it also makes your business appear well-established. Using the appropriate hold music enhances your corporate image and leaves a good impression on your customers.

3. Professional Voicemail

Voicemail makes customers feel that your business is always reachable and ready to take in their requests promptly. Even if an employee at a small business is away from the office phone, they can still receive the voicemail and give a speedy response. Fast response time increases customer service and improves the small business’s image.

4. Find Me/Follow Me

Follow me allows incoming calls to be received in multiple places. This feature usually provides a choice of multiple ringing (where all the lines ring at once) or sequential ringing (if the primary line isn’t answered in a given time other lines are tried in turn). This can be particularly useful for businesses with employees who work remotely. It’s also handy for people who work irregular hours, as they don’t need to keep changing their call diversion settings.

5. Staying Up When Phone Lines Are Down

VoIP also offers small businesses disaster management capabilities. In the event of a disaster, a traditional phone line might be down hours or days, making the company appear unstable and unreliable. But a VoIP solution allows the company to easily route calls to a new destination or your mobile device with just a few clicks. In a highly competitive environment, you could end up losing opportunities if you aren’t available all the time. 

CallHarbor’s VoIP system can help any small business seem bigger with all of these convenient features and more.